Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about

When compared to other online sportsbooks, comes across as rather rosy and above board. One of the main recurrent complaints about the service regards delays on withdrawal of winnings. It is worth remembering that this sportsbook does require more verification steps than other bookmakers, particularly when it comes to higher cash out sums. As long as you provide the information requested promptly enough, you should not see any major delays in the transfer of any winnings to your account. If money still has not appeared in your account even after providing all information requested, take advantage of the several help options available to you to resolve the matter as soon as possible. ACCOUNT

The Available Deposit And Withdraw Methods

Nowadays, most online sportsbooks allow for deposits and withdrawals to be made by a variety of different methods, which is why the relatively narrow selection at a surprise.

The minimum deposit amount required to top up your account is £10, or the currency equivalent. This might seem like small change to those after high stakes betting, but for those only interested in the occasional punt, it is an ideal limit that will not strain your bank balance.

Depositing and withdrawals are almost always free, although depending on the small print of your bank or building society, or the restraints of your e-wallet provider, you may find a transfer fee is applied by a third-party. will never charge you to make a deposit, or indeed withdraw winnings.

Deposits are usually instantaneously credited to your, although the operator may decide to request further information from you to confirm your identity. This is even more likely in the case of new customers adding money to their account for the first time, or for high rollers attempting to withdraw large sums of money.
However, the methods it does allow are widely used and the most common:

visa Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant 10.00$ 50000.00$ 0.00€ Deposit with
Withdrawal 72.00 10.00€ 5000.00€ 0.00€
visael Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant 10.00$ 50000.00$ 0.00€ Deposit with
Withdrawal 72.00 10.00€ 5000.00€ 0.00€
mastercard Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant 10.00$ 50000.00$ 0.00€ Deposit with
Withdrawal 72.00 10.00€ 5000.00€ 0.00€
neteller Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant 10.00$ 50000.00$ 0.00€ Deposit with
Withdrawal Instant 10.00€ 50000.00€ 0.00€
skrill Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant 10.00$ 50000.00$ 0.00€ Deposit with
Withdrawal Instant 10.00€ 5000.00€ 0.00€

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at

Pretty much the only problem you may encounter with withdrawals is the inconvenience identification measures might cause. As a rule, the operator strives to clear withdrawal requests within 2-3 days, regardless of the amount you are trying to withdraw.

However, in some cases, the operator may request further info from you. This is part of their verification process to assess fraudulent activity and confirm your identity. This may be frustrating to some account holders, especially those looking to claim a large sum they have won, but it is a security process that protects both the interests of the operator and your money. As long as you provide the material required quickly enough, it should not interfere with the withdrawal clearing time or prevent you from ultimately getting your hands on your winnings.

Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know

Live Chat Icon Live Chat
Phone Icon (XXX) XXX-XXX-XXX

When it comes to customer support, takes the gold medal. The operator boasts a full suite of contact and support options, with their live help feature being particularly well designed. You can access live help agents every day, every hour of the day, with funnelled navigation to put you through to a more relevant agent before you even start talking.

Those based in the UK also have access to a free call helpline that is available 24/7. When you are desperate to speak to an actual human about the status of your account, winnings and cash out problems, promotions or anything else, this is often the easiest option. Helplines are also available to any account holder from a territory where is allowed.

Finally, there is always email. This service is particularly for customers with lengthy queries that are best put in written form. It is particularly handy for those who need to send a follow-up message after an initial query, especially if extra material needs to be provided in the form of an attachment.

Whichever method you go for, strive to respond to complaints, queries and questions as quickly as possible and the operator has earned a good reputation for its speed of response.

The live chat function at really does stand head and shoulders above other operators. Rather than simply connecting to a randomly picked agent, once triggered, the service will ask you to select an option that best applies to your particular query. This allows you to be connected with an agent more experienced in that particular area, meaning you will be talking to someone with much more context in the particular field you are having trouble in. This not only saves you having to explain your problem at length to an agent, only to be transferred to someone more suitable and then explain it all over, it also means you get your answer quickly and your issue resolved.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming

  • Live Streaming

If you are tired of limited coverage at betting sites online, you will find the incredible Live Streaming range on offer at very refreshing. This operator offers a huge selection of betting markets, covering almost every sporting event and tournament out there. The sportsbook is particularly impressive for those looking to enjoy a bet on football fixtures, with plenty of international events to keep things interesting.

Information is laid out on screen in a very clear and user-friendly manner, with upcoming fixtures, live betting odds and other essential information clearly laid out. This is ideal for those who are not sure of where to stake their cash looking for some inspiration, and a great way for more experienced punters to keep their eyes on multiple fixtures they have bet on at any one time.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting And Does Support It?

  • Supports In-Play Betting

In-play betting essentially refers to you being able to make a bet on a fixture as it unfolds. Particularly popular with football fans, this betting method allows you to assess the action before deciding on which outcome to bet on. If you are unsure of how a football match, horse race or rugby fixture might play out, being able to watch some of the events unfold before discerning your favourite can help you inch that much closer to a lucrative outcome.

It not only allows you to make a more informed decision with betting, but it also means you can reorient your approach if a game plays out differently to how you would have liked. You will not be able to enjoy hugely rewarding odds with this manner of betting, but it can be a great way of safeguarding your stake against a huge loss. offers in-play betting, with a huge variety of sports and championships covered. Football is without a doubt the biggest draw for in-play options here, with all the major leagues and championships covered. However, you will also find special betting options on offer for dozens of more sporting categories.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is It To Place A Bet From Your Smartphone?

Android App Available for Android
iOS App Available for iPhone
Windows App Not available for Windows
Mobile Site Available for Mobile might have been a long time coming in joining its competitors in the world of mobile betting, but now it has joined the pack, it is an ideal place to enjoy a bet on the go. A dedicated app is now available to both Android and Apple customers. If you own an iPad or iPhone, you can download the app from the App Store. If you own an Android device, the APK version can be downloaded directly from the operator website itself. You will find this app on Google Play or similar channels, as they do not support gambling apps. Should you find an app claiming to be on here, avoid it – it will likely be a scam.

For maximum convenience, the apps for both device types can be accessed via the app page of Simply scan the QR code with your device camera and you will be redirected to a secure download page. Once the app is downloaded and configured to your liking, you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can simply access the website via an internet browser on your mobile device. The site is mobile-friendly, meaning you can enjoy all the same great features of the full desktop version, letting you bet on the go. MOBILE APP