1xBet Account FAQ: How to Create an Account, Login Problems & Other Common Issues

Since its founding in 2011, 1xBet enjoys massive support around the globe. They are able to offer lucrative betting market to their customers. Customers can easily create a 1xBet account and use it to bet on various games such as soccer, basketball, and rugby. Using a 1xBet account, the customer can easily play on their favourite spot events and win huge cash returns and bonuses. Customers who also want to delete a 1xBet account can do it easily. Here is an overview of the basics of creating, deleting and handling problems at 1xBet.

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How To Create A 1xBet Account. A Step-by-Step Guide

The process of registering for a 1xBet account is easy and straightforward. There are no major complications in setting up a betting account. Customers with a good internet connection can create a betting account by visiting the betting website. There are three ways of signing up a 1xBet account: customers can use their phone numbers, email account or social media account to sign up for a betting account. In signing up using the phone number, customers can follow the following steps:

  • The customer is expected to go online on the 1xBet Website and click on registration.
  • The customer is expected to click on the phone number tab.
  • The next thing is to confirm nationality and enter the phone number.
  • After this, the customer is expected to choose the currency that they prefer to use.
  • Finally, the customer receives the confirmation message indicating a successful registration. The confirmation message carries with it the customer’s secret password.

In registering using a social media account, the process is simple and faster. Customers can follow the following steps:

  • The customer needs to go to the company’s Website and click on registration.
  • He or she is expected to click on registration by social account.
  • The player is expected to confirm the currency they want to use and choose what social account they want to link. Major options include Google+ and Facebook.
  • After that, the social account for 1xBet is ready and the customer can easily play.

The email method is a little involving, with a few similar steps to the other two methods. The customer has to go online on the company’s website and click on registration. They will also be expected to fill in their credentials pertaining to their betting account. Such information includes the first and second name, nationality, and email address. After this, the customer gets a promo code which they key-in to eventually finish the account creation. In all the account creation processes, the customer has to be of the legal age to sign up for a 1xBet Account. This means that they should be 18 years and above.

There are no major difficulties when it comes to the deleting of a 1xBet Account. Customers can easily close their account by doing it online. They can easily deactivate their account by visiting the privacy links and clicking on ‘delete account’. The other option that customers can employ to deactivate their 1xBet betting account is through contacting the customer support. They are able to close down the account on their end. The 1xBet overview highlights a simple and direct process of account deactivation. For this reason, any customer can easily have their account deleted.

What to Do In Case of Login Problems with your 1xBet Account?

The simplest approach when having problems with the 1xBet account login is contacting the customer support desk. They can be reached via email or phone call. They are able to identify the problem that the customer is facing when trying to access the account. The customer desk is able to handle the matter and provides comprehensive conclusion pertaining to the account login details. This may include resending the password details just in case the customer forgot the login details or changed the password without being aware of the exact entries. The customer support service of 1xBet are very dedicated and stationed exactly to handle such problems.

The other option for customers is to close the existing account and register for a new one. This mostly applies when the account details of a given betting account are compromised. Nonetheless, this has to come as the last resort. In facing the customer support, the customer will be asked to verify a few account details to prove the ownership of the account. Such details include the phone number, email or social account used in registration. With few minutes interacting with the customer support, the customer’s account login problem is easily solved. The good thing about 1xBet is that even after a problem with customers account, the financial details and 1xBet Deposit Bonus are secured. This means that the customer can easily access the financial details once the login problem is solved.

The Most Common Issues When Creating or Deleting an Account at 1xBet

Based on a recent 1xBet overview, customers do not face major issues with the account creation. In fact, a majority of them laud the process as simple and straightforward. This is with respect to the phone number and social media account. However, there are a few concerns in the process, especially for those who use the email method to register for the betting account. Most customers complain that the method is very involving and unnecessary. For customers who are looking at having a fast registration process, this method may not be convenient for them. Basically, the process involves the customer to fill in important details such as two names, email account, nationality, among many other details. These customers are bound to get tired of the verification process as they are expected to key in the promo code before their account is verified.

Another issue is that it is difficult for a customer to have more than one betting account using the same account details. Normally, the customer is limited to only one account per a single email, phone number, or social account. There is also a common issue with the confirmation process. Some customers complain of having to wait for long to get the confirmation message. There are others who complain of never receiving the confirmation message. This means that they cannot use their betting account since they don’t have the login details. The problems may be related to network problems, and this can be countered if the customer gets access to regular internet connection. The issue may also be related to collisions. This may occur if the user’s phone number, social account or email was used in the creation of a 1xBet account without the knowledge of the user.

In deleting a 1xBet account, there are few issues that are common among most customers. One common problem is that at times the customer is taken through an involving process by the customer support desk. A customer who cannot easily remember the details of his or her betting account, find it difficult to verify the authenticity of the account. Such a customer is prone to having problems with the account deleting process. The other issue is that some customers find challenges when transferring money just before deactivating their account. Customers who opt to transfer everything from their account may find it difficult in doing so, especially if they don’t follow the terms of making withdrawals. In such a case, the customer finds it hard to deactivate a 1xBet account that has money credited in it. There are those who complain of a slow process. Overall, these issues are frustrating but can be solved by contacting customer support at 1xBet.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding A 1xBet Account

The minimum amount that the customer can deposit and bet with is £0.30 and gets a 1xBet Deposit Bonus that is 100% the deposit.

There is no maximum limit when it comes to depositing or putting a stake at 1xBet.

Yes. With Cash out System at 1xBet, the customer can easily cash out his or her bet.

Customers can see their bets placed by going to “My Account” on the betting page and clicking on the tab. This is to be followed by clicking on “Bet History”.

There can be delays with payouts but this is not a common problem.
Yes. 1xBet is an international gambling site that has built a reputation over years. Their services are reliable, outlined by simple account creation steps.
1xBet was last rated on with 9.7/10


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