Betfair Review – Learn About Betfair Live Chat, Complaints, Withdrawal Problems, In Play Betting and More

Betfair has more than a decade in the world of sports betting. The bookmaker is recognised all through the UK: it has grown from a small betting provider to a reputable company that is well known throughout the globe. Players who sign up with Betfair are given a first row seat in the revolutionised world of sports gambling. Betfair have been famed for its great user interface and the fantastic mobile platform that it provides for its customers. The bookmaker has it all: live streaming, mobile betting, and the infamous in play betting. Here is a Betfair Sportsbook review to shade some light on the services provided by this bookmaker.

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Pros and Cons of Betfair


  1. Great Sign Up Bonus Offer
  2. High Profile and well Established Brand
  3. Comprehensive in-play trading interface
  4. Awesome Mobile App
  5. Great Odds on the Exchange
  6. A Great variety of Live Streaming


  1. Charges on Profits
  2. No Loyalty or VIP Programme

  • Betfair has better odds compared to other fixed-odds bookmakers. The odds at this company are at least 20 percent better than the odds at other sports betting service providers.
  • Betfair has liquidity in its exchange of services. There are more than 2 million players signed up at the site, with the services being provided in over 14 different languages. This increases the platform on which the bookmaker reaches its customers.
  • The odds at Betfair are set either by the player who is placing the bet or by other players in the same site. This is the fundamental idea, called the betting exchange: that makes the bookmaker have great odds of winning.
  • The betting at Betfair is done in a new fashion so that instead of playing against the house, punters play against other customers. This increases their chances of winning by a lot. The bookmaker is licensed in most places in the world, and hence easy for many players to reach, and interact with many other players who improve each other's chances of winning.
  • Betfair has won several awards and is generally trusted. It has good customer reviews, making it a guarantee that punters will not be cheated out of their money.
  • The commission that a winning player has to pay to the bookmaker decreases as the player keeps on winning.
  • There are Betfair points awarded to players who bet on the site frequently, and as the points keep on accumulating, punters are awarded low discount rates for the services provided at the site.
  • The betting services cover almost all the sports in the world.
  • The betting forum available on the Betfair website is detailed and helpful – customers are always given a platform to help them navigate through easily.
  • Android users have one of the best user interfaces to be ever designed into a mobile application.
  • The site implements commission rises that lose punters a substantial amount of money.
  • The premium charges for the really successful punters are insanely high at the bookmaker.
  • The bet exchange program works in such a way that when one player places a winning bet, another places a losing bet: each bet has to be matched in the same way. Sometimes, a player's bet can go unmatched, forcing them to cancel it at the last minute.
  • The website, to the new inexperienced player at Betfair, is a bit hard to navigate and might take some time.
  • The company does not provide betting services to some countries like the U.S this has left out many players who can make the best use of the site.

Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints for Betfair?

In most review sites, Betfair gets a 10/10 rating or a clean A.

This bookmaker is forever being listed as one of the best places for punters to bet on sporting events online. It is a large company, and having been established back in 1999, Betfair has had time to grow, find a strong foundation, and repair most of its errors. The bookmaker has had the chance to develop past the misguided fraud rumours that most first time online bookmakers get. It is now designed in a way to give the punters the best.

It is hard not to trust a company that has won the Queens Award more than once: more than two times. This bookmaker operates all over the world, and advocates for the legalisation of online gambling in places that the sport is still illegal.

As far as scam or fraud complaints go, Betfair has had a few issues to deal with in the past. Betfair once implemented a service that lost a lot of money to the player on the site, and instead of honouring their initial commitment and paying the players, Betfair, after realising the mistake that they had made, went back on their word and closed the accounts of all the players that had participated in the promotion. This was a real low point for the bookmaker.

The Available Deposit and Withdraw Methods at Betfair

Betfair accepts deposits and withdrawals in a number of different currencies, making it easy for their players to access their Betfair account no matter where they are. The methods of withdrawal and depositing of funds are standard. This is to mean that Betfair accepts debit and credit cards, e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill, and bank wire transfers.

It takes a maximum of five business days for funds to be processed; this applies even for the withdrawals done via bank wire transfers. The vast array of deposit and withdrawal methods provided by the bookmaker is a sure sign of commitment to improving the customer experience.

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at Betfair?

The payout rates at this bookmaker are fast. In the past, during the one hiccup that the online bookmaker had with its customers, Betfair closed the accounts of some of its users, hence making it impossible for them to access their funds. For some, their funds were taken back directly from their bank accounts. This bookmaker is unlikely to make that mistake again given the amount of publicity and the level of reputation that it cost them because of this scandal. Otherwise, the withdrawal methods range in this bookmaker, and the withdrawal time is about the fastest punters can hope for in the gambling market.

Betfair Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know

The customer support at Betfair is considered one of the best on the internet. Customers can reach the support staff at the bookmaker through phone, email or live chat. All of the three services are available 24/7. They provide detailed and highly helpful information to customers who have a concern about the services provided at Betfair. Besides this, the bookmaker's site provides an extensive FAQ page that answers most any questions that the customers might have. There is also a Betfair Twitter account where customers can go for support. The response time on the email is fast, customers usually being given their replies in a few short hours.

One might find that while other bookmakers’ have the best services out there, they lack the fundamental factor of efficient customer support. Betfair includes all the relevant aspects of a bookmaker into its company. Here, players are able to enjoy a good gambling game and have an even better customer support experience. The live chat service at Betfair is fast and reliable. Customers never have to wait for more than a few minutes to get the help they asked for. The display is in high-definition, allowing the best available experience to punters at the site. In live chats, customers get both attention and detail. The support staff is kind in referring players to other links that might elaborate more on the issues they have.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming at Betfair

The betting coverage, as expected, is solid. The bookmaker provides live streaming services on most of the sports that their players wager in. these include horse racing, football matches, and tennis matches among other sports. To access the live streaming service at Betfair, all customers need to do is place a bet on the particular sport. Everything else is free. In their accounts, customers need to have at least £2 so as to access the streaming service. The minimum bet that can be placed in order to watch the games live is 5 pounds. The live streaming is sometimes influenced by a time delay of about 2 to 5 seconds, but it is a generally great experience that all punters should participate in.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting and Does Betfair Support It?

In play betting allows players to wager on sports events even while they are ongoing. Unlike traditional betting at Betfair, this system of betting is invaluable, its availability being for just about every pre-match market in the sporting world. The experience of in play betting at the bookmaker is great, allowing more time for players to think through their bets.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is to Place a Bet from Your Smartphone?

There is a superb mobile application and mobile website available for players who use their mobile phones to access the bookmaker. The application is available on a range of different operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices. The live betting services at Betfair forced the bookmaker to develop an advanced mobile platform for the mobile punters. The mobile application is fast and freely available to all the players who sign up at the site. Besides this, it is ever improving.

A customer could be entirely based on the mobile application from the moment they register for the site to the moment they leave, and they would not miss a single thing. The design is great, and the usability is easy and highly customisable. For the sports betting enthusiast, the mobile application at Betfair is the perfect option: it might be better than the desktop bookmaker. Through the betfair exchange app, players on their mobile phones can do exactly what the players on the desktop site are allowed to do. This means that players can place in-play wagers, view live scored, withdraw their winnings, however, they please and place multiple bets on sporting events.

Betfair was last rated on with 8.9/10


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