Betfred Review – Learn About Betfred Live Chat, Complaints, Withdrawal Problems, In Play Betting and More.

Betfred is among the biggest independent bookmakers in the world today. In the United Kingdom, this company is the largest independent high street merchant. This Betfred Sportsbook Review is made for the purpose of giving adequate information about this independent online bookmaker. Many online players are seeking a plethora of information about Betfred. Some of which are their guidelines on no-deposit bonus, in-play betting, and withdrawal. After all, real money is at stake here. So, before playing into this site, you should know the following details first.

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Pros and Cons of Betfred.

As mentioned earlier, Betfred Sportsbook is among the best bookmakers in the world right now and they offer great bonuses and perks for all their players to enjoy. More than that, they have other features that make their service unique and outstanding. Here are some of the benefits that a person can get from playing in Betfred.


  1. Competitive Betting Odds
  2. Good Range of Sports Coverage
  3. Various Deposit and Withdrawal Options
  4. 24/7 Customer Support via Live Chat
  5. High Number of Betting Options at Horse and Hound Races


  1. Mainly UK Focused Bookmaker

  • Betfred offer great odds.
  • This online betting site has a free bet feature for first-time players.
  • The interface of the Betfred mobile app is user-friendly.
  • Elegant website design; quick to load and easy to navigate.
  • Betfred Sportsbook constantly lavishes bonuses to new and existing players alike.
  • They have a real-time live stream feature for various sports events.
  • Highly reliable bookmaker (they have been in the industry for decades already).
  • Customer support is highly responsive and reliable.
  • Banking options are varied.
  • Betfred promo code is renowned for great offers

Nevertheless, Betfred is not excluded from drawbacks either. There are some minor issues that this online bookmaker should address. Here are some of them:

  • The live stream feature of Betfred is only available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Betfred Sportsbook is not available to some countries.
  • Doing individual betting here have an effect when you are placing your bet.
  • The withdrawal of money takes time.
  • It takes around 48 hours before the free bet credits will appear in your account.

Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about Betfred?

As Betfred is rated one of the top notch bookmakers on the market, They have a good reputation within the betting community. Even competitors patterned their system to Betfred. Therefore, as long as you are following the rules and regulations of this site, your money is always safe and secure.

Of course, it would be impossible if Betfred did not receive any complaints. However, the nature of these quibbles are not about scams or frauds. Specifically, they are just issues about withdrawal delays and the like. Honestly, you can see some reviews about Betfred scams on different betting forums. But most of them have no basis and are just there to ruin the reputation of the site.

Some complaints state that Betfred has stolen their money. But, when the authorities addressed these issues to the management of Betfred, it was found out that most of the complainants' documents were forged. In any betting site, forging documents breach the terms and conditions. It is illegal in nature. So, Betfred just did what it had to do.

In short, most of the "Betfred scam reviews" are made by fake players who are using false documents. Having an unwarranted claim because of illegal actions is not a fault of the bookmaker. Betfred is a highly reliable site. The fact that they exist up to now is proof that it is a bookmaker trusted by many people around the world.

The Available Deposit and Withdraw Methods at Betfred.

Depositing and withdrawing from Betfred is fairly easy. For deposit purposes, just log into your account and go to the "Deposit" option of their page. Fill up all the necessary fields, and you are ready to go. Betfred does not take any deposit charges. Hence, most of the credit card issuers today will charge individuals who will use the card for betting/gaming purposes. Betfred Sportsbook strictly implements a “one deposit per day" policy on those accounts that are using Neteller and Moneybookers.

Here are the Deposit Methods at Betfred:

  • Debit cards (Maestro, Visa) - £5.00
  • Credit cards (Maestro, Visa) - £5.00
  • Neteller - £5.50
  • Moneybookers (Skrill) -£5.00
  • PayPal - £5.00
  • Bank Transfer - £85.00
  • Bank Transfer System
  • Betfred Shops - £10.00

Meanwhile, there are different withdrawal methods that you can opt for Betfred. Each of these withdrawal options are subjected to the strict regulations of Betfred, to preserve the security and privacy of transactions. All withdrawals undergo their 48-hour mandatory security checks before they would appear on your account.

The Betfred Sportsbook has the right to cancel multiple withdrawals if they notice some irregularities. They also have the right to ask for the following information:

  • A valid copy of the back and front of all cards on account of the player.
  • A valid copy of any recent bank statement.
  • A valid copy of driver's license, identity card, or passport.

Once a person can make a successful withdrawal, the whole transaction will appear on his/ her bank statement. Usually, the transaction will show on the names of Petfre or Betfred.

Here are the Withdrawal Methods at Betfred:

  • Debit cards (Maestro, Visa)
  • Credit cards (Maestro, Visa)
  • Neteller
  • Moneybookers (Skrill)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Regional Bank Transfer
  • Betfred Shops

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at Betfred?

The withdrawal process of Betfred is pretty smooth and secure. So far, there are no issues when it comes to the mechanics of their withdrawal. Before a player can partake in this online betting site, he/ she must read the terms and conditions first. Included on the stipulations are the details about the withdrawal system of Betfred. As of now, the clearest thing about it is that there is a 48-hour security check period before a person can get his/ her winnings.

The strict processing of transactions of Betfred makes them highly reliable. As long as the player follows the rules and regulations of this site, all the winnings are safe to be withdrawn. Each payment method has a rule of their own. You can see these respective regulations on the site of Betfred. All of the necessary details are all laid out. This means, encountering a problem is on the least side of the spectrum.

Betfred Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know.

The customer support of Betfred is available 24/7. Their agents are highly present and responsive. The customer service of the Betfred is divided into several categories. First, they got a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section which answers some of the basic and default queries of their clients. However, if a person cannot find resolutions in the FAQ section, then he/ she may opt to contact the service agents of Betfred directly.

For sports betting customers, you can contact Betfred via these two numbers:

  • UK residents: 0800 028 7747
  • Global clients: +44 (0) 01925 907500

You can also email them at these following addresses:

For retail betting concerns, here are the contact details of Betfred:

  • United Kingdom: 0800 032 0878
  • Ireland: 1 800 818 613
  • Global clients:: (+44) 1942 613 068

You can also email them at this address: Customer support: [email protected]

For immediate concerns, the Betfred Sportsbook has a Live Chat in which you can talk to one of their service agents. The site has a pop-up box on its corner where you can access this service. Also, there are times when there are delays in the response, especially if the site is catering to a huge load of inquiries. Despite this, you can still expect that they will give you an automated and organic reply.

The live chat support is divided into several categories. Specifically, they are Sports, Bingo, Deposit/ Withdrawal, and Registration concerns. You have to log in first into your account before you can start talking with Betfred agents. Card details are not accepted on their chat facility. This is to ensure the security of their clients.

Overall, the Live Chat service of Betfred is pretty decent. There are actual agents that can resolve different "my Betfred account" issues. Betfred clients can guarantee that the live chat can assist them in troubleshooting any of their problems.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming at Betfred.

The Betfred has an excellent betting coverage. They cover most of the sports events in the world today. Therefore, anyone can choose to bet on their favourite games or sports. The quality of the market of Betfred is really superb. Of all online bookmakers, they are among the few that have competitive odds. There is proof to this. Take a look at the football betting. You will notice that they have a small 3.5 bookmaker margin. In general, Betfred has an average of 5% or lower betting margins.

Betfred accepts Asian handicap odds. They also feature great betting offers, special bets, and cash-out. For even matches, their betting odds are 1.91 - 1.91. This makes them one of the best online bookmakers right now.

You can confidently bet at Betfred because of their real-time live streaming feature. Most of their markets are focused on hockey, horse racing, cycling, and football. Also, the live streams for other sports are highly available too. That means, people can bet confidently because the games are just in front of their screens.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting and Does Betfred Support It?

In-play is a type of betting where a person can bet on a game or event that has started already (almost near to its conclusion, specifically). This betting happens on games like cricket, football, or horse racing. Fortunately, Betfred offers this type of feature. The quality of their in-play betting is also decent. Just click any progressing match. After clicking, a screen will pop-up in where the details of the matches are displayed. This is highly necessary so that a person can decide where or how much to bet. Furthermore, the in-play betting of Betfred is responsive and comprehensive. It caters for a lot of markets. Therefore, the options are virtually unlimited.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is to Place a Bet from Your Smartphone?

Betting in Betfred using a mobile phone is very easy. Right now, Betfred has improved the user interface of their mobile sportsbook site. It currently features a variety of superb features. Such of these are the in-play product, enhanced site navigation, betting highlights, and live streaming. The mobile site of Betfred has been developed to become a 100% in-house. Their new interface caters the needs of their clients and ensures a quality user experience.

The Betfred Mobile app is downloadable on both Android and Apple devices. You can get the app directly from their site. As of now, Google Play Store does not support betting applications.

Betfred was last rated on with 8.0/10


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