Betin Kenya Review – Learn About Betin Kenya Live Chat, Complaints, Withdrawal Problems, In Play Betting and More

Betin Kenya is a Kenyan betting platform that is a subsidiary of the UK-based betting site, Betin. The Kenyan betting arena is gaining grounds fast, and Betin Kenya is amongst the leading sports betting sites. The platform is known to provide its customers with incredible offers and promotions. The Sportsbook presents the customers with flexible market options. Basically, the customers can easily bet on their favourite games. The most common games on Betin Kenya are soccer, basketball, rugby, cricket, and tennis. This Betin Kenya Sportsbook review describes the basics of this betting platform.

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Pros and Cons of Betin Kenya


  1. Low Minimum Deposit, Reliable Customer Service
  2. User Friendly Website
  3. Huge Variety of Sports and Markets
  4. Entertaining Virtual Betting Option


  1. Limited Number of Payment Options

What makes Betin Kenya different from other major market competitors in Kenya is that the gaming site is diverse in its provisions. Customers on this site are exposed to a wide range of gaming events and markets. For example, customers who like betting on soccer can choose to bet on a game that hasn’t kicked off or bet on a live one. The diversity of this betting site is highly evident in the provision of various gaming options. Other than soccer, the customers with a Betin Kenya Account can easily participate in other games such as motorsport racing, golf, and handball without the need to have multiple accounts. Online customer reviews pertaining to the betting site are very encouraging. They suggest a site that is credible.

Many Betin Kenya fans bet on football because of the many market provisions attached to soccer gambling. For instance, the customers can decide to bet on a particular team to win, lose or draw. This depends on luck or knowledge of the game. There are also those customers who prefer to bet on goals scored. For example, they can bet on total goals scored or goal range. When the customer clicks on a particular game, they are able to access the different market options and choose what suits them best. The other advantage of betting on this site is that there are no charges when depositing money into the betting account. Other pros include:

  • Quality customer service experience
  • Diligent and clear payouts
  • Easy depositing

On a negative note, the sports site does not allow betting for free. For this reason, the customer needs to make a deposit before they can play. This means that there is no free betting. At the moment, the minimum amount that the gambler can deposit to make a bet is KSh. 50. In terms of joining, the customer has to do an online registration which may be comprehensive. Many betting fans in Kenya are accustomed to manual SMS registration. The other concern is that the customer is charged a fee when doing withdrawals after a win. Some customers find this unnecessary. Nonetheless, there are those who don’t mind the fee considering what they get from betting is sizeable.

Are There Any Scam Or Fraud Complaints About Betin Kenya?

Betin Kenya is regulated by Gamcode Limited, and they get their licensing from BCLB. For this reason, there are no fraud complaints or scam pertaining to the betting site. The running of the platform is in compliance of Cap 131 of the Kenyan Betting Laws. For this reason, the gaming vents in this platform are highly monitored, and the customers have the liberty to report cases of fraud to BCLB. So far, there have not been major issues. This makes Betin Kenya a credible betting site and amongst the safest in Kenya. With respect to financial transitioning, customers can easily make deposits and withdrawals without risking their account details. This means the customer has the overall control of the bank details. This among many other reasons makes Betin Kenya credible beyond doubt.

The Available Deposit And Withdraw Methods At Betin Kenya

Betting Kenya allows its customers to use the major money service company in Kenya in making deposits and withdrawals. They include M-PESA, Airtel, and Telkom. However, their focus is mostly on M-PESA since it’s the leading financial provider. M-PESA is able to facilitate easy deposits and withdrawals. In making a deposit, customers are expected to use the phone number used in registration. For example, they use 997270 for M-PESA as the pay bill number in transferring money to their Betting account. They use the account name ‘Betin Kenya’.

Once the customer completes the transfer, they get a confirmation message indicating that they can now log into their betting accounts and bet. Betin Kenya Deposit Bonus only applies after the customer places a multiple bet line and the bet wins. The process of withdrawing funds from Betin Kenya to the customers M-PESA account is straightforward and cheap. On the customer’s account, they can go to ‘My Account’ tab and click on the option. They will be required to select ‘Withdraw’. A confirmation message is sent to the customer’s phone indicating a successful transfer and the money is credited to the customers' M-PESA account.

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals At Betin Kenya?

There are no major problems when it comes to making withdrawals at Betin Kenya. The only concern for most gamblers is the delay. If there is heavy traffic or a technical problem with the money provider, the confirmation message may take time. Other than this, there are no complaints in regard to the transfer of money from Betin Kenya to the customer’s financial account.

Betin Kenya Customer Support - Everything You Need To Know

Betin Kenya customer support is dedicated to providing quality customer service. The dedicated team works 24 hours to ensure that their customers get the best premium service. The customer desk is able to answer calls pertaining to inquiries, complaints or clarifications. The customer can ask questions pertaining to making deposits, withdrawals and other details that they need to be informed on. Besides calls, the customer support can also be accessed via email, Twitter, and Live Chat. Emails do take time to be responded to if compared to calls and Live Chat. However, the dedicated team is able to return the emails within 24 hours. What makes the support team special is their level of discipline and etiquette. Most customers give positive reviews about Betin Kenya customer support. Twitter is also a common avenue for many customers and enjoys positive reviews.

Betin Kenya provides the customers with fast response service and the freedom to chat with the customer agent. The platform is open between 07:00 and 23:00 Kenyan time. The customers can access the Live Chat platform on the Betin Kenya Website. Reviews pertaining to Live Chat are very positive and encouraging. This is because the customer is able to enjoy fast response, and they get clarification on details pertaining to their Betin Kenya Account. Many customers at Betin Kenya find chatting cheaper and flexible than calling. Calling is seen as expensive and a little complicated for most customers. The moment the customer visits the Live Chat platform, the experience is greatly interactive. The platform allows them to open up to the customer agent and share their concerns.

Betting Coverage And Live Streaming At Benya Kenya

Through Betin Kenya App Download, betting fans can easily stream live the game events and bet on the various market provisions. It’s very easier to get updated on the latest development pertaining to the market provisions on Betin Kenya. For example, the customers can get access to score lines and bet list on the bets placed. A customer can easily tell if the bets placed on soccer, basketball, tennis or any other game is materialising. Considering that Betin Kenya covers games from around the globe, customers can bet on their game of choice from any league and do a live streaming of the event. For instance, if its football, they can get access to all major leagues around the world. These provisions are what make Betin Kenya exceptional. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local league in Kenya or an international competition as Betin Kenya covers all, and no customer gets locked out.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting And Does Betin Kenya Support It?

In-Play betting is a market option that allows the customer to bet on a game action as it happens. The customer is able to make the betting decision based on the development of the game. For instance, in soccer, the customer can change his or her decision within the 90 minutes of the live game. Betin Kenya provides its customers a wide range of In-Play betting markets that they can take advantage of and win hugely. For example, the customer can be able to opt on the team that looks like winning based on the assessment of the scoreline. The scoreline is indicative of what betting decision the customer should make to make a wise bet. In-Play betting is amongst the most popular customer attraction in Betin Kenya. The customer can access the game’s statistics, and make their decision based on the examination if the figures in In-Play betting. They always have the chance to redeem a losing bet in a fashionable way.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is It To Place A Bet From Your Smartphone?

Most Betin Kenya fans use their Smartphone to bet. In fact, about 90% of betting on this platform is done via the Smartphone. The customers find it easy to access the site and bet on their popular games. The mobile phone allows the user to make easy deposits and withdrawals as they also access the best-betting markets. For example, new customers can easily bet after doing an online registration via their mobile phones. In betting, they can follow these simple steps:

  • Going to the Betin Kenya Website and clicking on the icon indicated ‘BET’.
  • After this, the customer should select the type of tournament. They can choose soccer, tennis, basketball or any other game they prefer.
  • The customer is then expected to select the event they want to participate in and click on the preferred odds.
  • They can click on different odds and finally access the resulting bet list to see their overall selection and place their stake.
  • Finally, the customer is asked to confirm the bets and gets notified of any changes in the odds before finally placing the bet.

The beauty of Smartphone betting is that the customer can access the progress of the bets placed. The customer is also able to cancel a bet before the games start. The Mobile betting supports Live betting and thus suitable for In-Play fans. Customers can also play via Betin Kenya App Download. This application is a simplified way of accessing the betting market. With such a program, the customer gets to enjoy a flexible way of betting by accessing everything about Betin Kenya on one platform. Overall, the experience is great for all Betin fans.

Betin Kenya was last rated on with 7.6/10


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