How to Create an BoyleSports Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

Creating a BoyleSports account is quick and simple and you can do this, deposit and access any BoyleSports bonus from the desktop or mobile website or app. As with all other sports betting websites, you will need to have your payment method ready in advance so that you can top up your account. If you wish to take advantage of any bonus or promotion offers that are not credited automatically make sure you make a note of what the code is before you register.

How to Create an BoyleSports Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Go to the BoyleSports website: If you are going to use a search engine to find the website make sure that you have the website for your specific country. There may be different mirrors of the websites so that customers can use it in different countries so you need to ensure you have the correct one.
  2. Click the green "Join" button: Located in the top right-hand corner of the website. This may be placed differently if you are logging on from a mobile or a tablet, but the join button will always be located next to the login boxes, so wherever these are you will find the new registration page.
  3. Register form: As you are filling out your registration you will notice that there is a pop-up box that goes straight through to live chat. If you have any questions during your registration then you can ask here.
  4. Complete the online registration form: Once you have completed your registration details await the confirmation email
  5. Await the confirmation email: Once received click on the confirmation link to activate your account
  6. Login: Using the details you provided on the registration form
  7. Deposit: You can deposit using a debit card and you can also use all of the popular e-wallets like Neteller.
  8. Place a bet: Place a qualifying bet of £10 or more
  9. Claim the welcome bonus: Get Up To £25 in Free Bets

It is not difficult to delete a BoyleSports account. There may be a number of different reasons that you wish to delete your account. Because there are two main pathways to deleting your account there are two different ways to do so.

When you want to delete your account because of a service issue – you will need to contact the support team. If you explain the issue to them it is likely they will try and solve it for you. From this point, it is your decision to either give them a chance to rectify any issues that you have experienced or just delete your account.

If you need to close your account for responsible gaming issues, then BoyleSports will allow you to self exclude from their website. If you call the customer service team then they will be happy to put this in place for you. You can either self exclude indefinitely or for a period of time.

The Most Common Issues When Creating or Deleting an Account at BoyleSports

Creating an account with BoyleSports and deleting an account with BoyleSports is a relatively straightforward process. Reviews online do not report any issues with creating an account. The only issue you may face is if you have identification that is slightly out of the ordinary. As a responsible gambling company, BoyleSports may ask for ID when you register with them. If you have a foreign passport or a visa, it is best to quickly check with live chat what documents you may need so that you can prepare these in advance.

Deleting an account causes no issue with BoyleSports although you need to remember that you may be asked why and they may try and give you the hard sell to stay. The only time they cannot do this is if you are deleting for responsible gaming reasons. Even if it is not the case it may be quicker to say this is you want your account deleted quickly.

What to Do in Case of Login Problems to Your BoyleSports Account

There are a number of different ways to highlight issues to BoyleSports once you have registered and have an account with them. If you read any BoyleSports streaming review you will notice that their services are usually praised but it is also worth knowing you can get in touch with them when you need to. There are a number of different channels to contact BoyleSports – some quicker than others.

The live chat facility on BoyleSports is by far the quickest way to get in contact with them. The turnaround time for getting back to customers is quite quick – but you need to be mindful if your question is anything in-depth they may need to go off and investigate this. You can access the live chat 24hrs a day but the time it takes to get an answer may vary.

BoyleSports have quite a large FAQ section that answers questions to do with registrations and day to day account management. There are also answers to a number of questions relating to sports betting. The FAQ section on BoyleSports can be located in the Help Centre.

If you are having login problems on your BoyleSports account there may be issues with your internet. The only way to test this is to contact them by phone.

When you are experiencing problems sometimes you cannot take the time to make a phone call. If you need to email BoyleSports you can contact them on [email protected] They have a turn around time of 24 hours. If you wish to raise a formal complaint you will need to alert BoyleSports to it in writing first before you take it to any of the gambling regulators.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding BoyleSports Account

BoyleSports use a ‘Know Your Customer’ process. If they cannot verify you they may ask for further ID which you can provide by fax, email or post.

If you have forgotten your password you can use the forgot details link to have a new one sent. This process is completed quickly, however, if you have forgotten your actual username then you will need to contact customer service support to retrieve this.

You can close your account by contacting customer support through any of the available channels and asking them to close it. If you need to close your account for responsible gaming reasons you can call customer services and have yourself excluded from the site.

Once you have opened an account you will want to add all of the payment methods you may use. You may not use the payment method you registered with regularly and want to add in another one. To add in a payment method all you need to do is go to ‘My Account’ in the menu options. In the corner, you will be given the option to add a payment method. Simply follow the instructions and add the method and it will be saved for future use. If you are using an e-wallet make sure you check the payment charges and clearing times of the actual e-wallet as well as the terms of BoyleSports.