Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about BoyleSports?

If you read any online reviews on a website like Trustpilot you will be more than likely to find negative ones rather than positive ones as people are more willing to share their opinion if they have something to complain about. Although no one actually points out BoyleSports as a scam or a fraud one of their processes for verification causes quite a stir. At Boylesports, you are able to register, deposit and place a bet without verification. If you win the bet and wish to cash out it is at this point that BoyleSports may ask you for verification, which can delay payout. Although this is quite a standard practice with online bookmakers it does leave customers understandably frustrated. If you are going to use them – find out what the verification documents are from customer services and send them ahead of placing any bets.
This seems to be the most common complaint with them but everything else like the actual odds and markets are usually praised by BoyleSports customers. Even if there are issues the live chat facility is always available for customers to use to get in touch with someone about their complaint.

BoyleSports are fully registered with all of the professional bodies that they need to be registered to operate in the UK. You can find out more details about who they are registered with and their trading company details on their website.

BoyleSports ACCOUNT

The Available Deposit And Withdraw Methods

BoyleSports offer all of the conventional payment methods – although if you are playing just to get their Betting bonuses online ensure you check the terms of the promotion to make sure that you are able to use your chosen deposit or withdrawal method in conjunction with the offer. You need to be mindful that if BoyleSports accept a payment method for either deposit or withdrawal and it is instant their end – it may not be the case with the company you are using.

Using a debit card will usually allow you to move money instantly but some e-wallets can have clearing times, especially if you are a new customer to them. When looking to move money as quickly as possible check with the third party as well as BoyleSports. BoyleSports currently offer the following payment methods:u can make a deposit and withdrawal with BoyleSports including the following methods:

PayPal Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal Instant £5.00 No £00.00
visa Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal 72.00 £5.00 No £00.00
visael Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal 72.00 £5.00 No £00.00
mastercard Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal 72.00 £5.00 No £00.00
bankuberweisungen Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal 48.00 £5.00 No £00.00
paysafecard Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal Instant £5.00 No £00.00
neteller Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal Instant £5.00 No £00.00
skrill Processing Time Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Transaction Fee Deposit
Deposit Instant £5.00 No £00.00 Deposit with
Withdrawal Instant £5.00 No £00.00

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at BoyleSports?

The only withdrawal issues with BoyleSports that may occur will be verifying you as a customer if you are new to their website. All online bookmakers retain the right to verify customers at any point in the online gambling process. If BoyleSports do not require verification when you register then it is likely they will want further verification when you come to withdraw funds. This should not be an issue if you are prepared for this to happen. Rather than expecting to receive your money instantly without having to provide any documentation, a good way to work around this is to specifically ask BoyleSports what verification they require.

You can use the live chat or any of the other forms of communication to get through to customer services and ask them what they are likely to require for you to withdraw funds when you have a win. IF you send this ahead then this gives them the opportunity to be setting up your account and adding these details in advance of you making a winning bet – which should speed things up when you come to make a withdrawal. If you have done a BoyleSports app download it is still likely they will want to verify you as this process is the same whatever method you chose to bet with.

If you cannot provide any of the verification documents then be aware that you may not be able to access your funds. BoyleSports are not bound by any law to ask you for verification documents when you register, deposit and bet, just when you withdraw. Therefore if you sign up to them knowing that you may not be able to provide these documents to verify your identity and make a winning bet you may not be able to do anything to recover your money.

Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know

Live Chat Icon Live Chat
Phone Icon (XXX) XXX-XXX-XXX

BoyleSports customer support is always on hand to answer questions like how to close a BoyleSports account or questions to do with the actual markets themselves. There are a number of different contact methods for BoyleSports although some of these can vary depending on what device you are playing from – the live chat may not be available from mobile or tablet depending on which handset or device you are using. Aside from this, you can contact them by email or phone, or even their social media channels like Twitter which is actively encouraged by them.

The live chat at BoyleSports is a beneficial feature which lots of customers like. Someone is always on hand to answer questions, however, it is worth remembering that if you are going to answer a question during peak time, or ask something that needs looking into further you may not get an answer straight away. The live chat can be accessed at all times from the help centre.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming

  • Live Streaming

The betting coverage at BoyleSports is very competitive. Not only do they have all of the common markets like horse racing and football – they also offer bets on things like virtual sports and table tennis. Many of the large tournaments abroad can be bet on as well as leagues like the American NFL. Because there are so many BoyleSports have a handy menu option to see them all. IF you look at the blue sidebar on the right-hand side – there is an option to click ‘sports a – z’. This will then take you through to a page that lists all of the sports you can currently bet on with BoyleSports in chronological order. Also, they offer customers the ability to play on different international lotteries within their website.

Boylesports offers customers ‘Bet & Watch’, its Live streaming service. With this exciting facility, Boylesports customers can watch live horse and greyhound racing.

In-Play Betting - What Is In-Play Betting And Does BoyleSports Support It?

  • BoyleSports Supports In-Play Betting

BoyleSports supports in-play betting for sports like football, volleyball and table tennis. In-play betting gives customers the ability to watch the match live using their streaming and then place bets while watching the match. If you are going to use in-play betting on the mobile app or website then ensure you are somewhere with a good connection. If you are having connection issues which cause a delay that results in you making a betting decision based on incorrect information BoyleSports will not be liable for this.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is It To Place A Bet From Your Smartphone?

Android App Available for Android
iOS App Available for iPhone
Windows App Not available for Windows
Mobile Site Available for Mobile

The Boylesports app download is very straightforward and so is using either the iPhone or Android app once you have downloaded it. If you have a handset that does not support either iOS or Android applications then you can just play on the Boylesports mobile website. Placing a bet on the Boylesports mobile app is really simple. All you need to do is:

  • Log on to the mobile app
  • If the match, game or race you want to bet on is on the home screen, just click through to place your bet
  • If your match, game or race is quite far into the future you will need to select the market from the drop-down menu
  • Once you have selected the correct event the betting slip will pop up. you can check this is correct before you place the bet
  • If you are betting on a horse racing match you will also be given the option to view the race card before you place your bet

The only thing you need to be aware of if you are going to use your smartphone or tablet to stream is the connection. For a start using 3G or 4Gg could work out expensive depending on what your price plan is, so it would probably be better to use wi-fi if this is what you are intending to do. Also, if the connection is bad you may experience latency and then not actually be watching the sport live.

BoyleSports MOBILE APP