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ComeOn Account FAQ: How To Create An Account, Login Problems & Other Common Issues

ComeOn is an online gaming and gambling company based in Australia. It provides betting on football, baseball, hockey, cricket, Aussie rules, tennis and boxing. All starts at the ComeOn site where on is required to create his personal account and deposit cash so that he/she start to participate in betting. Unless the site suspends you, one is viable to hold the account for as long as he/she wishes. In the event to delete one’s account, click on Delete Account button next to the login tab, and the rest follows.
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How to Create a ComeOn Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Go to ComeOn website: Open the ComeOn website on your internet browser.
  2. Select Join now: Select ‘not a member! Join now ‘option
  3. Select username: Fill in your preferred username, email address and password and then proceed.
  4. Fill in your personal details: Fill in your details i.e. your name, date of birth, gender, address, postal and city of residence
  5. Accept T&C: You should, however, read and agree to terms and conditions applied before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Email verification: You might be prompted to verify your account by an email.
  7. Choose payment method: Choose a payment method and currency and do it carefully, because these are difficult to change later on
  8. Make a deposit: Make your money deposit, but you may opt to do this later.
  9. Ready to go: You are now good to start betting.

Is It Difficult to Delete Your Account?

At some time, one may decide to stop using ComeOn sports betting site and opt to delete his / her account on the site. It is not difficult to accomplish. Deleting an account means, you no longer can take part in the sports betting or participating in other participation. However, one will able to access the ComeOn website the same way a person without an account does.

Deleting an account at ComeOn should not pose difficulty as it follows several basic steps:

  1. Click on ComeOn delete account opposite the logout tab.
  2. From there a Redirecting to the interface where you can manage your account.
  3. Select the delete account option and proceed.
  4. You will be required to key in your account password, fill in the provided caption code, and then continue.
  5. You will be redirected back to log out tab.
  6. You may try to log in to be sure of fully removing the account.

The Most Common Issues When Creating or Deleting an Account at ComeOn

There may rise some issues while creating an account with ComeOn. For one to bet, they must be 18 years of age and above. The terms and conditions clearly stipulate this. The site has also banned people from certain countries from creating an account with them. Most of these countries have an outright ban on online betting. The countries include The United States of America, Turkey, Portugal, Netherlands and China. It is also impossible to use an email address already in use at ComeOn. A new email address is required coupled with a unique username while creating an account.

While deleting an account, one may not be able to execute this especially if he does not have/forgotten the password. The password is a requirement to ascertain that one is the owner of the account. If it is forgotten, one will have to follow the steps stipulated in case of such to obtain a new password. Deleting an account can never happen by mistake due to the security measure in place.

What to Do in Case of Login Problems to Your ComeOn Account?

Players may experience problems while trying to log in. Such problems may arise due to one forgetting their password or username. Using the forgotten password/username option by sending a new login password one can quickly reset the two, but one is required to set it to their pleasant one. For password, you have to provide your username and email address. The username is also sent to the email address one provided during account creation. If all this is in futile, one can contact support from ComeOn customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ComeOn Account

Should I use my real name as an username?

A username is just an identity displayed on the website portal and not necessarily ones fully names. A username should be a name one can easily recall. It is the reason most people end up using their real names as username, but it does not mean/imply that usernames should be full names of an individual.

Why it is not possible to change one’s prediction?

It is however not possible to change them once you have staked. Mostly such ideas to change one’s position especially if the game staked already started seem biased. In football, for instance, an opponent team given a red card dictates the gameplay in favour of the other team. This will significantly affect the outcome hence ComeOn does not allow shifting.

Is it possible to withdraw bonuses awarded?

The answer to this is no. Any ComeOn bonus that has been awarded is meant for betting at the sportsbook.

Can one hold more than one account on ComeOn?

It is only possible if you provide different credentials at signing up that provide a different email address and username.

What people do not like about ComeOn?

As can be found in ComeOn Reviews the answer to this may be the fact that they charge for most deposit options. They fee charge on all debit cards. They also do not provide 24/7 hour customer services and phone support.

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