Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about ComeOn?

ComeOn just like other sports betting agencies can not be without having claims of fraud or scams. Personal data and privacy have been a challenge to ComeOn because there are always hackers who strive hard to break into the website and steal the data information for various purposes. Likewise, the theft in privacy and personal information is encouraged by the fact that the agency can not delete players information about transaction among others.

Scam incidences are also recorded by ComeOn as the company at times is forced to disclose crucial information to relevant authorities like the police when the need arises. This has made players uncomfortable with providing the details as they doubt the parties who will be having an eye on their personal information. Players have also reported that ComeOn is a scam because some of them have complained of not receiving their bonuses after making their payments. Also, there are complaints that the agency is quick at making money and accepting payments yet find it tough to issue out or refund payments with similar efforts.


The Available Deposit And Withdraw Methods

ComeOn has many deposits and withdrawal methods. However, for all deposits methods, they have placed a minimum amount of seven pounds, and each deposit is charged by the relevant payment method one selects. The payment and withdrawal methods range from e-wallet which includes such services as Moneybookers, Ukash and Paysafe cards. ComeOn also allows players to make free withdrawals up to four times a month after which a 2.5% fee is charged on all debit card used for depositing money into the account. ComeOn’s free deposit method is via wire transfer and withdrawal is also free upon withdrawing a specific amount of money.

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at ComeOn?

For most players, it is a frustrating experience to try to make a withdrawal but experience challenges in the process. Players at ComeOn have encountered problems when trying to make withdrawals, and the transaction is stopped because of the verification process. However, the audit process that has been taken by the agency is a strength for the firm as they claim that they have to provide their players with a unique experience which is to protect them from scams and fraudsters while also complying with various governments regulations and company policies.

Players have complained that their ComeOn account have being frisked and all their money confiscated. This, according to the agency happens when it notices malpractices on the player’s account, therefore, accounts are terminated and money withheld while the sports betting company conducts an investigation. Another challenge players are facing with withdrawal issues at ComeOn is that the interest rates which are being deducted from the player’s money when making withdrawals by various agencies. This makes most players lose hope because they feel part of their efforts is being swallowed by hands and arms which are invisible to them.

Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know

Live Chat Icon Live Chat
Phone Icon (XXX) XXX-XXX-XXX

For new, prospective and old players at ComeOn, is important to know the type of customer support one is dealing with. Their customer support is there to provide assistance and guide to everything related to the site. Likewise, for disputes, the customer support handles them by the contact information of the registered player available on the site. Players should also know that all inquiries and problems faced should be submitted to the customer support in writing or electronic format. The customer support also responds to disputes and inquiries made by issuing out receipts which show the due process to be followed by the agency in trying to solve or settle the disputes. The customer support is also mandated with conducting a thorough investigation on disputes and replying within a duration of seven working business days.

Also, the customer support at ComeOn is also available in different languages to cater for the various diverse players visiting or those enrolled in the site who are not English speakers. However, the customer support is also disappointing because they do not offer a twenty-four-hour support service which means that players may experience problems at odd hours and have to wait till the next day for assistance.

The live chat support can be considered adequate but works within specified time reduce its efficiency as players are not guaranteed to have their issues or disputes sorted immediately. However, from reviews of players, the chat support has been determined to be effective as most players have received required assistance from the chat desk. Lastly, the customer support lacks contact phone number which makes it particularly difficult for any form of communication between the players and the agency.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming

  • Live Streaming

Unfortunately, for now, ComeOn do not offer live streaming to their players. Betting coverage at ComeOn are just meticulous. The software which is used in the interface is also useful because of such things like ease of navigation by players around the site.

The betting coverage is superbly arranged for players on the site because many of markets are posted to the left. On the page downwards is a complete list of all the games currently being offered for easy identification by the players. The betting slips are arranged to the right, and this makes the betting coverage user-friendly to most players.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting And Does ComeOn Support It?

  • ComeOn Supports In-Play Betting

In-play betting is considered to have numerous betting options which make it unique to other sports betting markets.ComeOn does support it because in-play betting offers odds a different dimension in sports betting. A closer look at their available odds shows that the odds are slightly higher as compared to other sports betting on the specific games they offer to their players.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is It To Place A Bet From Your Smartphone?

Android App Available for Android
iOS App Available for iPhone
Windows App Not available for Windows
Mobile Site Available for Mobile

Mobile betting has become so popular among individuals today. This has been so because it is considered to be the best and the easiest way of placing bets on various sports. Mobile betting also allows users to place bets twenty fours at different positions and at one’s comfort. Using your smartphone, mobile betting provides an exciting experience to most individuals as there are various sites which ones can select. With the ComeOn app, one can improve on the betting experience as the speed and efficiency of which one places is considerably improved.