How to Create an Grosvenor Sport Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

In order to sign up, you must also be accessing the website from the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland or Gibraltar. And you should read the T&Cs before creating an account to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for joining the sports betting site.

To create a Grosvenor Sport Account follow these steps:

How to Create an Grosvenor Sport Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Go to the Grosvenor Sport website: To join
  2. Click the blue 'Join' button: Situated at the top-right hand corner of the screen
  3. Fill in some details : Including name, address and contact details
  4. Create a password : Memorable, but not obvious
  5. Verification of details and Password authentication: via email
  6. Log in to your account: The login button is situated at the top right-hand corner of the page
  7. Deposit funds: A minimum of £10 if you wish to claim the Welcome bonus
  8. Claim the Grosvenor Sport Deposit Bonus: Double the Odds
  9. Place a qualifying bet: Use the doubled odds on your betting slip

Deleting your account couldn’t be simpler and you need to contact the customer service team. However, you will also have other options open to you if you don’t want to completely close the account :

Self-Exclusion: As a responsible gaming site, Grosvenor takes customer requests very seriously. And if you wish you are able self-exclude yourself for a period of 6 months over all the sites operated by Grosvenor.

Take a Break: Another option is to take a break from the site which can be undertaken through the ‘My Account’ section of the website. This will give you the choice of deciding how long the break should last for.

Deposit Limits: To set a deposit limit for yourself you log into your account and select ‘Deposit Limits’. Here you can set a daily, weekly and monthly limit.

The Most Common Issues When Creating or Deleting an Account at Grosvenor Sport

Typical issues that customers encounter when creating their Sport Account are:

  • Non-verification of password details
  • Entering an incorrect username or password.
  • Non-activation of the account. Grosvenor may be waiting for further ID to activate the account.

These kinds of problems are very easy to resolve and forgotten or incorrect passwords can be reset on the site. Customer service operators are available to help resolve any issues you may have.

What to Do in Case of Login Problems to Your Grosvenor Sport Account

This guide gives an overview of Grosvenor Sport and opening your sports account should prove to be straightforward. But in case of issues, there are a number of common reasons why you may encounter login problems and these are easily resolved:

Account closed or suspended: This may be because you have entered the wrong username or password. Passwords are case sensitive but if you still cannot access your account you have an option on the site to reset your password and username.

Forgotten passwords: This is the same process as above. And if you have forgotten your password you can put in your username to request a password reset at any time.

Changing your password and details: If you decide you need to change your password and any of the details on your account, the process is to log in. And then hover over your username at the top of the homepage and then select ‘My Account.’ This will then enable you to make changes to your personal details such as address and contact details as well as password changes if required.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Grosvenor Sport Account

No, it is completely free to open an account.

This is part of security processes in place to protect the customer and the betting site from fraudulent activities.

If you cannot register your card to your account this could be due to: incorrect entry of the long number across the front of your card, or the system may be looking for an issue number which is a one or two-digit number at the bottom right or on the reverse of the card. These numbers can be checked in your account and corrected if necessary.

This is quick and straightforward and entails logging into your account, selecting ‘My Account’ by hovering over your username at the top of the homepage and then clicking the ‘withdraw’ tab. This will then take you through a series of instructions and the requested amount will be taken from your balance and payments made to your account.