How to Create an Marathonbet Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

How to Create an Marathonbet Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Go to Marathonbet website: First, go to the homepage of Marathonbet
  2. Click "Join Now": Click on the "Join Now" tab on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Fill in personal details: A screen will appear for you to enter your personal details, contact preferences, create your password, and state your account currency.
  4. Double-check the info: Double-check the personal details you enter.
  5. Select currency: Ensure that your currency remains the same throughout to avoid any transaction fees when depositing and withdrawing from your Marathonbet account.
  6. Confirm your details: When this is done, click the green "Join Now" button.
  7. E-mail verification: Email verification may be needed in order to complete the process. If this is so, just click on the link sent to you by the bookmaker.
  8. Select payment method: An additional screen may appear asking for your preferred method of deposit. You can complete this now, or defer it to a later date.
  9. Completion: That is it! Your registration is complete.

For whatever reason, if you decide you wish to delete your Marathonbet account, you can do so easily; and with the added option to re-join again if you wish to do so in the future. However, this option will not be available if you decide to permanently close your account.

To close your account, go to the help tab at the bottom of the Marathonbet homepage. On the left-hand side of the new screen, click on number six: Responsible Gambling, and click on “6.7. Account Closure and Self-Exclusion”. You will then be provided with a link to the contacts page, where you can contact the Customer Care Team; and they will close your account for you.

There is also an option for “Self-Exclusion”. If you do not wish to close your account, but wish to abstain from gambling activity; you can organise to restrict your account access for a fixed period of time. More details of this can be found on the help page of the Marathonbet website; in the “Account Closure and Self-Exclusion” section.

The Most Common Issues When Creating or Deleting an Account at Marathonbet

Any issues usually revolve around a slow response from the Marathonbet website; especially in regards to attempts to delete an account – as seen in multiple Marathonbet UK reviews. These issues are eventually resolved, however. Allowing cookies on the website can help increase website quality and speed.

What to Do in Case of Login Problems to Your Marathonbet Account?

In the first instance, if you have forgotten your password, or need to reset it; there is a “lost password” tab beside where you can log in to your account. From this, simply enter your username or email address, and your days of birth. Then, click “Next”.

If you are having further problems logging in to your account, there is a “contact” tab at the bottom of the Marathonbet homepage.

From here, you will be given a range of contact details to help you with any problems regarding your Marathonbet account; including online web chat, email, phone number and an address.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Marathonbet Account

Available currencies are shown when you go to deposit into your account. These are Pound Sterling, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Norwegian Krone, South African Rand, Swedish Krone, Swiss Francs, US Dollars. Once you have chosen your account currency, this can not be changed.

Click on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ on the main page of the Marathonbet website. This will prompt you to input your username or email address and you will be emailed a link in order to reset your password.

If you need to contact Marathonbet you may need your account number. If you head to ‘My Account’ you will be able to see your account number next to your username. You can also see your account number by hovering your cursor over your username on a computer.

Once logged in, head to My Account. From here there is a link to change your password.

If you did not contact Marathonbet and ask for the closure of your account, it may have been closed for several reasons:

  • You may need to provide proof of age,
  • Your address details may not match your card details,
  • Your account may have become dormant if not used for 396 days,
  • There may have been a 3rd party deposit into your account.

There may be several other reasons why an account has been closed, but your best option is to contact the live chat agent on the Marathonbet website in order to gain more information about your case. You can also always check our review of Marathonbet and see whether we have not already answered your question.