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As of 27th September 2019, Mobilebet will stop accepting new players from the UK, deposits from existing players residing in the UK and their accounts will be closed.

If you are looking for the Mobilebet mobile app and the Mobilebet Andriod app, you can find everything you need by logging on to their desktop website. Although they are aimed at the mobile and tablet market, you can still use Mobilebet for desktop betting rather than mobile betting. To use the mobile betting system, Mobilebet make it incredibly easy for you to either log onto their website on a mobile or download the necessary app. All users of the Mobilebet apps or website can access the same content and use their mobile to play exactly as if they were playing via a desktop device. A lot of betting websites are now offering mobile apps, but Mobilebet is one of the first to aim this to the target market specifically.

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Mobilebet Mobile App For Android Devices

Google play store currently has a blanket ban on all apps that let players gamble for money. It is still unknown as to whether this will be changed in the future to make them more competitive with Apple, but there are ways to get around this if you wish to play with your Android tablet or mobile device. If you want to play with Mobilebet without being able to download an app to play for real money, then you will be able to log on to the Mobilebet website and play as if you are playing in the app. Mobilebet have specifically designed their mobile website experience to emulate an in-app game.


Mobilebet App for iOS - iPhone and iPad

Apple is a lot more lenient as a company towards mobile gaming and betting apps, and if you prefer to play using an app on your iPhone or iPad you can download directly from the iTunes stores. You can also use your iPhone or iPad to play Live Betting on the website if you prefer not to download apps. The iPhone app for Mobilebet has all of the features and usability as the website does. You can either register online using the desktop, and then download the app from the desktop, or you can log on to the app store account you hold with Apple, download the app and then register in the app itself.

The app is designed by Mobilebet to be incredibly easy to use, and you can navigate your way around it just as efficiently as the website.

There are two different ways that you can get the Mobilebet app for iPhone and iPad. The first one is by doing it directly through the app store.

  • Open the app store app on your iPhone from the home screen
  • Go to the search tab at the bottom
  • In the search tab, type in 'Mobilebet'
  • When you have found the Mobilebet app tap get and then install

Another way you can get the iPhone or iPad app is by using the desktop website of Mobilebet. It is up to you if you want to register before or after you do this because you can either do it on the website or on the app.

  • Log on to the Mobilebet website
  • Either register or do not register
  • At pop up at the top of the page on your mobile will prompt you to download the app if you wish to

Mobilebet Mobile Website

There are various different reasons that people may not wish to download an app or an apk. Sometimes they cannot, especially if they wish to play with real money, which is the case with Android devices. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you still may wish to continue to play on the mobile website, especially as apps can take up quite a lot of memory on an iPhone.

The mobile website of Mobilebet is designed to be exactly the same as the app. You can access all of the bets that you can on the desktop website and app, and you can still claim exactly the same Mobilebet Bonus. If anything, Mobilebet are one of the first providers to tailor the user experience more for people who are using mobiles.

Mobilebet also has the added benefit, that because they gear their website for people that are used to using apps, you can still get the same user experience that you would if you were using an iPhone app on a smaller, lesser known brand of device. With many people seeking refuge from Apple after frustrations with their devices, this is a great idea from Mobilebet to ensure no one gets left out.

Are There Any Specific Promotions For The Mobile Users Of Mobilebet?

As Mobilebet are trying to make their mobile website exactly the same as the desktop version and also the app, all of the mobile bonuses that you can access on the app and the desktop can be accessed on the mobile site. The deposit bonus of Mobilebet can just as easily be accessed via the mobile site. You do not need a bonus code, and it will be automatically credited to you when you register. You do not have to register first on the desktop and then go through and use the mobile site. You can register easily using the mobile site.

Mobilebet App/Apk or Mobile Version: Questions and Answers

As Mobilebet strive to make every single feature available across the board, you can deposit and withdraw using the app, mobile website or desktop. You can deposit and withdraw using all of the same methods you use for other favourite online casinos. Mobilebet also offers in-play and cash out on all devices.

All of the casino games are available for mobile users. The casino of Mobilebet features over 450 games. You are able to play all of these games on a mobile device with great ease of usability owing to the fact that this was what the website itself was designed for.

An app (iPhone/iPad

An 'app' is something that you can download on an iPhone, iPad or another Apple device. Apps can be downloaded by going onto the app store app from your iPhone or iPad. Apps are downloaded to your phone, and then are available on your home screen. These usually tend to be easier to use than the mobile websites for whatever you are trying to use, as they are designed specifically to use with Apple’s software.

An APK (Andriod)

An android device uses a similar function, called an APK. Anyone using an Android device can download these from the Google play store. This works in much the same was as an apple app. Once you have logged on to the Google play store and downloaded it, it will be available on your home screen and will be designed to work perfectly with your device.

Customers cannot currently play for money with the Mobilebet APK. Many operators still offer Andriod users the chance to download an APK, but due to their complete ban on playing for money, this is only like a 'practise' or a 'test' mode. It is still unknown if they will change this in the future. Most betting sites will only offer the casino versions of their APK to play for free because it would be pointless to do so with their betting operations.

Mobilebet was last rated on with 8.9/10


All Offers Below Are for new customers only!
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