NetBet Review – Learn About NetBet Live Chat, Complaints, Withdrawal Problems, In Play Betting and More

NetBet Sportsbook review offers players with the best bonuses and services of all time in the current world of sports betting. Most online rookies have been disappointed by the numerous bookies who offer sports betting services with their chief complaint being that the bookies do not cater for their different needs. However, at NetBet bookie, players are given value for their time and money as their particular diverse needs are taken into consideration by the able management and customer support.

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Pros and Cons of NetBet


  1. Innovative Betting Refund
  2. Extra Mobile Bonus
  3. Numerous Payment Options
  4. Gold Award for Customer Service
  5. Attractive and Organized Homepage


  1. No Live Streaming Available

  • The customer support at NetBet is one of the best as they offer an all round service for their clients ensuring that different customers needs are met.
  • The design of the NetBet site makes it attractive to most clients and visitors because it is well structured, and clients can easily navigate around the site without experiencing difficulty.
  • The deposits and withdrawal options at NetBet are designed to cater for all clients as everyone finds his or her respective payment included amongst the payment methods.
  • Their different selections of games offered by the bookie. One can easily select for a broad range of diversified games, numerous games, and sports provided by the bookie.
  • The NetBet bonuses offered to rookies are great as customers get up to fifty pounds reward for participating in different games.
  • The minimum stakes required by the bookie to be considered ten pounds, and this may be too high for other rookies as their sources of income are different, and some do not have any source of income.
  • Customers also complain of their free bets expiring after seven days of their accounts being credited. This means that most customers do not have extra time to use their free bets.
  • Scamming cases have been reported by clients with regards to withdrawing of funds from the bookie.

Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about NetBet?

Like other bookies, NetBet has recorded some scam or fraud complaints mostly coming from the customers. Players have reported cases of their transactions being stopped despite providing all the required documentations. This occurs when players accidentally or intentionally open two accounts by the bookie. Even though the client may be using one bookie, NetBet terms and policies state do not allow such a player to withdraw his proceeds and in the process scamming most of their customers who either opens two accounts at the bookies either intentionally or accidentally. Cases of Sportsbook bonus complaint has also been raised by customers at the bookie. This includes players not being allowed to complete their rollover requirements despite the welcome bonus carrying a specific time duration to be completed. Other customers have also complained of their accounts being restricted even though they complete the turn obligation. This goes against policies, therefore, are considered as scams. Customers have also complained of their money being withdrawn by other individuals without their permission. Upon asking the NetBet customer support, they are always being told that their money was withdrawn legally in various specific locations. This always leads to the customer getting frustrated as they lack explanations on how or who withdrew their money from the bookie site.

The Available Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at NetBet

NetBet bookie offers a large selection of payment methods to her clients. This has made withdrawals and depositing by clients much easier as clients can select from the various payments methods. The list of payment methods ranges from credit and debit cards which give clients an upper hand amongst the payment methods as they do not pass through many tussles since they make all the major transactions directly from their personal accounts.

There is the option of e-wallets which enables customers to withdraw within the reach meaning they can withdraw their money in despite harsh weather elements amongst others. The e-wallets method includes Moneybookers, PayPal, and others which give most customers minimal inconvenience while depositing or withdrawing. However, when paying or depositing in NetBet accounts, customers are required to transact their transactions in pounds as it is considered as the base currency of the bookie. With the diverse payment methods available at NetBet, the customer has a reason to smile because they are only required to double check on their preferred payment method before performing any transactions with the bookie.

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at NetBet?

NetBet over time has experienced withdrawal issues coming from customers. This is because of the security measures are taken into consideration by the bookie. Many customers have laid complaints of their money being withdrawn by different individuals all thanks to internet fraud. As a counter-measure, the bookie has placed several stringent measures to counter attack this, therefore, passing customers through strict security measures to verify their identities as the account owner. This has led to frustrations on the side of the customers as often they have always harboured a feeling that the bookie is scamming them of their hard earned money. Most of them despite have different needs and opting out to withdraw money from their respective accounts they are forced to wait for a while as the identification process is sorted out by the bookie.

NetBet Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know

NetBet customer support is designed to provide quality in all its sectors. Customer having different issues to address can access the company's support team via the e-mails provided by the support session. The process is simple as customers are only required to sign the submitted form and send their message after which one of the customer support agents gets back to them by addressing the issues raised. Alternatively, customers are also encouraged to contact the support team via the chat session. This enables customers to have an immediate reply to their complaints and it is open to all even non-registered clients. The services of the chat session are available to all from eight in the morning to twelve in the morning as most online rookies are always bound to frequent the site within this time duration. The customer support also has their address is written on their site which means that individuals within the country can also access the physical location of the company's offices. Through their phone service, customers can access the bookie all through the day and have their different worries addressed.

The live session of NetBet bookie offers customers with the best services which are all round. It provides customers with efficiency as they promptly answer to the different concerns raised by the clients. Despite different claims being laid by customers, the overall customer support team is efficient as the majority of the players have always praised the support team for responding to their questions promptly. Likewise, customers do not experience difficulty in navigating around the chat session as it is designed to be straightforward and accommodating hence takes into considerations different customer needs like those who are not well conversant on the internet. Summed up the chat session is exclusive as it offers the best to customers thus upholding the bookie's image which guarantees customers quality.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming at NetBet

Betting coverage and live streaming at NetBet provide users with some of the best experience ever seen in sports betting the world. In spite of the fact that live streaming still poses a challenge to players on the site, the site utilises a theme of colours which are attractive to customer hence their live streaming is made extraordinary. The betting coverage is always located at the top page of the site enabling customers to easily access the different features available at the site. Other betting features are availed at the left-hand side of the site enabling customers to easily access navigate through the site. Live streaming at the site is also accompanied by live betting, and the respective highlights are typically found at the centre of the page.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting and Does NetBet Support It?

NetBet supports play betting which has been designed to allow players place bets on odds at the same time in which a game is happening. It also has some in-play products which are available to customers thus encouraging them to frequent the in-play betting at different times. Despite various features of in-play betting not being made popular on the site, the bookie completely supports them, and various features are availed to customers to that effect.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is it to Place a Bet from Your Smartphone?

Mobile betting is also a feature that works magnificently with the NetBet bookie. Through mobile betting different lines and services are accessible through such devices as smartphones and tablets via the browser or Netbet mobile app. Mobile betting also allows players to access different sports and markets which are featured on the site making it easy for most customers using cell phones to participate in the different games. Through mobile betting, customers are also able to withdraw and even make deposits at the bookie's account while also enjoying the bonus which is strictly designed for mobile users.

NetBet was last rated on with 8.3/10


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