Betway Removes Sports Betting Options Related to Football Players' Transfers

On June 17th, 2020, Betway declared that it wouldn’t publish any sports betting options connected to the transfer of football players. The decision will affect all the territories where the bookmaker operates.

Betway’s based its decision on two serious disputes related to Kieran Trippier (former player at Tottenham Hotspurs) and Daniel Sturridge (former player at Liverpool FC). But it’s not related to ongoing disputes of the Football Association (FA).

About the FA Breaches

During March 2020, the Football Association banned Daniel Sturridge for four months and sanctioned him with a fine in value of £75,000 because he breached betting regulations. The Football Association found Sturridge guilty for passing insider information to the members of his family to bet on his transfer to the Sevilla FC team. But that deal never went through.

During May 2020, Kieran Trippier, England’s full-back, was found guilty of breaching betting rules. He was charged for leaking insider information to his friends about his transfer to the Atletico Madrid during the summer of 2019. Trippier can submit his response to the claims until June 26th 2020.

According to the FA’s E8 betting regulations, all professional members of the Association are forbidden from instructing, directly or indirectly, allow, or enable anyone to wager on the progress, conduct, or result or any other related aspect connecting to a football competition or game. The E8 rules apply to any type of bets including, but not limited to, team selections, players’ transfers, employment of managers, or disciplinary matters.

Betway has advised other bookmakers to follow its proceedings and terminate all sports betting options connected to transfers.

What Does That Mean?

Betway, a leading sportsbook has terminated all betting markets connected to the transfer of football players. The decision follows two famous disputes relating to former Premier League players Kieran Trippier and Daniel Sturridge. The FA has banned and fined both players for breaching E8 regulations. According to the FA’s Head of Corporate Communications, the Association has strict rules relating to betting and removes any options, which may lead to a grey area such as odds on football players transferring to certain clubs.