Paddy Power Review – Learn About Paddy Power Live Chat, Complaints, Withdrawal Problems, In Play Betting and More

Gambling today has taken different forms, and according to Paddy Power Sportsbook Review, the bookmaker has emerged to be one of the best sports betting bookmaker in the United Kingdom. The sportsbook review highlights the different features taken by the bookmaker in ensuring that their numerous online players get the best out of their time from betting and further directs them on how to cash in on the bonus offered at the bookmaker.

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Pros and Cons of Paddy Power


  1. Impressive range of betting on all sports
  2. Frequent Money-Back Specials
  3. Live Streaming of Football Games
  4. Odds available in over 50 Markets
  5. Well Established and Respected Bookmaker


  1. Not great for European punters (UK focused)
  2. UK and Ireland Exclusives
  3. Not so Impressive Bonus Offer

  • Offers are enhanced on prices on a daily basis due to its ability to up the odds on various key bets and in the process providing the best value in the markets.
  • Early prices taken by players are allowed, and this increases one's chance of enhancing the bigger odds.
  • They provide live help meaning that customers with inquiries get reply in a matter of seconds.
  • It also offers in-play betting as players can watch and place bets which are currently happening.
  • It also guarantees players for money back meaning that players can take back their money if they wish to withdraw.
  • Bets placed over fifty pounds on odds attracts fifty pounds free bets.
  • Players passed through strict identification procedures to be allowed to withdraw.
  • Withdrawals of double odds on lucky 15 single players.
  • Major betting rules are changed without notifying players.
  • Technical hitches experienced by players on the site.
  • Players are complaining of lack of some vital features on the site.

Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about Paddy Power?

Like other bookmakers, Paddy Power is always experiencing complaints of scams and fraud coming from players and new customers. Sports betting which is under Paddy Power does not make it easy for customers to withdraw their money as quickly as they deposit into the Bookmaker. This causes many players to harbour a feeling that the bookmaker is a scam because of the secure verification process needed to withdraw the money. Being levelled as scammers come from the idea that at times the players might be in a fixed position and may opt to withdraw their money immediately to attend to their various needs, however, they are forced to follow the due process which is not easy and takes time.

Multiple accounts belonging to players are at times frozen or locked. When a Paddy Power account is frozen or locked, players are not allowed to access their money live alone their account leading the bookmaker being branded as a scam. Likewise, the bookmaker does not highlight financial records of players making it difficult for players to trace their transactions and in some cases, players have aired out complaints that they never received their full payment.

The Available Deposit and Withdraw Methods at Paddy Power

There are different deposits and withdrawals methods at Paddy Power from which clients can select from. Customers can withdraw or even deposit their money into the bookmaker through various methods including cheque deposits, credit cards which specifically should be visa or master cards, debit cards, bank transfers and Moneybookers. By offering numerous payment methods, players experience an ease in transacting with the bookmaker as everyone has his or her traditional payment methods catered for by the bookmaker.

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at Paddy Power?

Withdrawals at Paddy Power is the most challenging aspect of sports betting experienced by numerous players. This is because the bookmaker has laid down strict policies to be followed by players during the withdrawal process. Both withdrawal and deposit process are being done by regulatory policies governing gambling, but for most players, the withdrawal process is the most cumbersome due to the identification process conducted by the bookmaker. It takes days or even weeks for most clients to successfully withdraw their money as the bookmaker has to prove that the amount being withdrawn indeed belongs to the customer to avoid scammers who hack players account and request for payment under the pretence of being the real owners of the account.

Paddy Power Customer Support

The best part about Paddy Power review is the customer support. This is because the client's support is an all-around support team which caters for each and every player. This offers players with the best customer service experience as they have their queries and worries attended to in a matter of seconds.

The bookmaker is trying very hard to ensure that their bases are all covered, and this ranges from email service, telephone, live chats and general help. This makes it unique because customers have different options of airing their complaints hence not providing room for such things as efficiency. This is so because in cases where one of the supports methods is not functioning then, a customer can resort to the next.

The client's support also offers customers with an alternative method to reach the staff of the bookmaker through their social media handle or Twitter page. Through their Twitter handle, customers can receive the needed help from the support team or other players who have knowledge on the questions being raised. In summary, the customer support has been praised by many to be excellent because of their knowledge of addressing various key issues raised by clients and being prompt in the questions in their reply back to the customers.

The quality of the live chat at Paddy power is excellent. This is so because most customers who have experienced issues with their fast deposits have turned to the live chat and true to its legacy, the live chat of the bookmaker has never disappointed as they have always been of immense help in solving issues raised by customers.

The live chat has also been categorised as one of its own kinds because of the close to no costs incurred in contacting the customer agents of the bookmaker. It only requires one to have an internet connection and log into their bookmaker’s site. Likewise, in cases where there are technical hitches being experienced by the site, the live chat sessions has always allowed customers to leave their questions behind after which they are always responded by the customer care agents.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming at Paddy Power

The bookmaker has availed live streaming services to all members.

Betting coverage and live streaming at Paddy Power is an exciting experience to the majority of the players because they have received money from their participation at the site, whether via straight bets or a Paddy Power bonus . Members have an option of participating in the different games being played hence allowing them to monitor all events which capture their attention at the site. Live streaming has enabled most customers to make informed decisions about their bets as they have the information of the respective teams they wish to place bets and odds availed at the site. The players watch live tabs available at the site which enables the customers to watch and gain instant access to various games at no fees thus making their experience at the site memorable. Live streaming has also been catered for by the bookmaker at their site as they have designed the site to allow customers to watch their different games on the sidelines while their betting coverage also enables customers to see various odds at the same time. Moreover, customers can also expand their live stream by expanding the screen with the help of pop-out options embedded on the site.

In Play Betting at Paddy Power

In-play, betting is a feature that has caught most customers by surprise. This is because players are now able to cast their different odds and places odds on games which are on-going in real life time. Paddy Power supports In play betting by offering various special offers to encourage their customers to take part in the different games happening. Other than special offers offered by the bookmaker, there are also coupons which are changed each time which allows customers to select from various interesting bets. The bookmaker is also encouraging in-play betting by designing the football section on the site. The site allows for customers to check the trending news on their favourite football teams, the specials being offered, coupons among other features which come in handy for most in play betters.

Mobile Betting at Paddy Power

Mobile betting is an interesting feature that gives customers the ultimate experience in sports betting. Paddy Power betting offers a range of mobile apps to customers to cater for the different needs of the customers and allow for ease use by customers on their mobile app. With Paddy Power mobile betting, one can access all features including payment features as it allows them to view the latest odds on different games posted by the bookmaker, manage one’s account among other features. Paddy Power mobile app is only accessible through such devices like Apple, Android, and desktops.

Paddy Power was last rated on with 8.4/10


All Offers Below Are for new customers only!
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