Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about Pinnacle?

If you do not meet the 5 times turnover requirement on deposits, Pinnacle Sports will charge you a fee of 3% when you make a request for a withdrawal. That has resulted in complaints, especially among people who were accustomed to their prior turnover requirement of one time on deposits. Depositing only what you plan to bet with will ensure that you meet the requirements and do not have to pay a 3% fee when you are ready to withdraw any profits you make.

They will assist with cash out if you are having problems. In most cases, withdrawals are processed within 3 hours. The time it takes for cash to be deposited in your bank account or another account depends on the withdrawal method that you choose.

Unlike many other sportsbooks, Pinnacle does not offer a lot of bonuses. You are less likely to find them offering a free bet to existing customers or even new clients. They offer very low margins and may depend on this to attract clients. While a few bettors may complain about the lack of Pinnacle sports bonus offers, this is their choice as a bookmaker.

A few clients complain about the lack of special bets on Pinnacle. This is not evidence of a scam. They just do not offer those types of bets very often. You will find a good choice of the most popular types of bets, such as the Asian Handicap. It is important to check their rules for the Asian Handicap before you bet.

Generally, Pinnacle Sports has a very good name when it comes to quality and their margins. They offer great odds and are typically a good choice for beginners and experienced bettors.

Pinnacle ACCOUNT

The Available Deposit And Withdraw Methods

Pinnacle Sports has several deposit and withdraw methods. You can either deposit or withdraw money from your betting account in a wide range of currencies. It is important to note that the method available for doing this will depend on the type of currency that you are using.

This means in some cases, if you want to access a particular withdrawal method because of convenience, you may need to open your account in a particular currency. This is the only way that you will be able to request your funds in that currency in the future.

Most deposit methods do not have any fees attached. Usually, those that are free also allow funds to be credited to your account instantly. You will have to pay a fee if you use any of the following as your deposit method:

You can request a cash out using almost all of the methods listed above. At Pinnacle Sports, each client gets a free withdrawal on a monthly basis. If you exceed that, you will have to pay a fee. It is important to note that clients who designate the Euro as their currency will have to pay a withdrawal fee of 12 Euro whenever they exceed their free monthly withdrawal quota. Generally, Skrill is the fastest withdrawal method available via this sportsbook.

Deposit and withdrawal methods at Pinnacle Sports include:

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at Pinnacle?

Pinnacle offers several options and you should choose the one that is ideal for you in terms of processing time. Some methods of withdrawing cash from your Pinnacle sports UK account can take up to two days.

They charge a fee on withdrawals if you have not met their five times turnover criteria. This fee is not compulsory for all withdrawals. It only applies to those deposits that are not turned over five times. In that case, the best thing to do would be to only deposit the exact amount you plan to bet with on any given day.

Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know

Live Chat Icon No Live Chat
Phone Icon (+599) 38725

Overall, Pinnacle Sports’s customer service is good. The main disadvantage is that you cannot use some of the options that bettors are accustomed to. You may contact them by email.

Their email service is fairly extensive. It is a good alternative to Live Chat since they answer queries in English, Italian, German and many other languages. Answers to questions regarding their rules and withdrawal process on their website are also available in several languages. Their customer service team is available to answer queries by email all day, every day.

Unlike several other bookmakers, Pinnacle Sports does not offer Live Chat. This may be inconvenient for some clients. If you do not want to spend time on a telephone call, especially when you are calling regarding your UK account from overseas, consider using email to send a query. Their customer service team will usually get back to you within 48 hours.

Not offering Live Chat is a disadvantage of Pinnacle Sports. It is certainly something that the management team should consider changing in the future. They focus on the European market and many bettors are familiar with using Live Chat to have their problems addressed. This might be a cost-saving measure on their part.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming

  • Live Streaming

Pinnacle Sports offers betting in several sports, using the American and decimal format. You can place a bet over the internet or via the telephone.

You can place bets using an Asian Handicap but special bets are rare on their platform. You can bet on several sports, including European basketball, the Premier League and Spanish Primera. Bettors can also place wagers on:

  • NFL
  • Bundesliga
  • NCAA
  • Serie A
  • Live tennis
  • Live National Hockey League games
  • NBA

However, they do not offer live streaming. This is a real disadvantage since it means you have to get your information from elsewhere while a game is in play.

Pinnacle Sports has really good margins and a wide variety of markets. Their margins help to attract lots of high rollers.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting And Does Pinnacle Support It?

  • Pinnacle Supports In Play Betting

Pinnacle Sports offers Live Betting. They do not offer live odds on every single event. However, this sportsbook is constantly increasing the number of sports that you can bet on while the game is actually In Play. This gives you more ways to potentially earn a profit and more ways to place a wager.

While Pinnacle Sports provides numerous Live Betting options, there is a slight disadvantage since this is not supported with Live Streaming. You can place your bets at any time but you will have to source up to date information on match scores and other pertinent data elsewhere. This may be inconvenient for several bettors.

Some bettors feel more prepared to assess the possible outcome of a game while it is being played. If this applies to you, it will be far more easy for you to use their mobile platform for In-Play bets on the markets you choose.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is It To Place A Bet From Your Smartphone?

Android App Available for Android
iOS App Available for iPhone
Windows App Not available for Windows
Mobile Site Available for Mobile

Pinnacle Sports offers bettors a reliable mobile betting platform, but unfortunately no Pinnacle sports app. This is quite convenient for men and women who like to place bets in the go. You can access a wide range of markets via their mobile platform. This selection means you are more likely to be able to bet on your favourite sports all the time.

For people who are fairly new to betting, mobile gives them the flexibility they need to learn which markets are ideal for their requirements. You can check your capital requirements, plan for your bankroll and make withdrawals and deposits, all from a tablet or mobile phone.

While using the mobile platform or your PC, you can switch to the Live Asian View format. This gives you a different layout with details on each sport that you are interested in betting on and information on your bet slip. This layout makes it easier to update your bet slip, and is accessible via your smartphone.