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SBOBET bookmaker is a leading online bookmaker worldwide. They have services that gambler can trust and rely upon for the best online betting experience that a bookmaker could offer. SBOBET has a fantastic mobile platform. The sportsbook is ranked as one of the best given the sleek design and out of the charts functionality that is provided by the mobile website of the bookmaker. The site is available for both Android and iOS device users, the two most common operating systems available for mobile users worldwide. Discussed below is the SBOBET mobile app provided by the bookmaker. Also included are the directions on how users can access the SBOBET Android app, if provided by the bookmaker, and the SBOBET iOS mobile app.

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SBOBET Mobile App for Android Devices

Players on the site have three options: they can choose to log on to their SBOBET accounts via the desktop website, they can choose to access these accounts via the mobile website, or they can choose to log on via the mobile application that is available for both Android and iOS device users. This section is for the customers of SBOBET who would wish to access the betting site via their Android devices.

Android device owners should keep in mind that there are no casino apps at Google Play Store. This is for one reason: gambling with real money is prohibited by Google. The Google store provides sportsbook applications, but those are just for fun. This is to mean that the applications in Google Play Store involve gambling with virtual money.

This does not mean that the online bookmaker has not got an App for its website. Users should not go anywhere else looking for this application, especially not at the Google Play Store. Gambling is risky, it has always been, and the last thing a punter could wish for is an application that masquerades itself as something legit only for them to find out that they have been duped out of their hard-earned money.


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The application, most of the time, can be downloaded directly from the particular sportsbook website. There is the mobile version of the bookmaker's desktop website, and then there is the application. At the homepage of the bookmaker site, whether they access it via mobile or via desktop, customers of this bookmaker can find the mobile application and easily download it into their Android devices for the best gambling experience that a mobile device can provide.

In case, for whatever reason, the mobile application does not work on some devices (maybe because of some software or technical issues in a customer's Android device), then they can always access their betting accounts via the mobile accounts. For most online bookmakers, the experience is the same really, it is just that the application has an easier and more efficient feel to it, but the mobile website of the bookmaker should do just fine.

Unfortunately, SBOBET does not offer a mobile application for its Android customers. Most online bookmakers are yet to provide mobile applications for their customers who own Android devices. The mobile betting world is quickly gaining popularity, and soon enough, this will be one of the characteristics that gamblers will be looking for before signing up for a sportsbook.

The design of the mobile website is very responsive and very good, but for the punters who own Android devices and prefer to bet via an application, then this bookmaker is not suitable for them. Soon enough, however, most companies of this nature are expected to step up their mobile application game for the best betting experience of their customers.

SBOBET App for iOS - iPhone and iPad

iOS devices, iPhones and iPads, can also be used to access the mobile website at SBOBET. iOS users can find the betting Apps in iTunes. This does not, however, mean that all betting apps provided by online bookmakers will be available for download on iTunes. This is due to a number of different reasons. It may be because of the poor quality of the application, or it may be because the App in question is too add-heavy, and so forth.

Customers should start by checking for the availability of the application on iTunes, and in case they miss it, then they should be able to access it on the homepage of the official SBOBET website.

Unlike Android users, iOS users are lucky enough to have a mobile application provided for them by the bookmaker. For those whose devices, for whatever reason, do not support the mobile application, they can always use the mobile version of the desktop website to place their bets on the site.

To download the SBOBET app to their iOS devices, here is what customers need to do:

  • Customers should access the iTunes app store and search for the SBOBET sportsbook app there, and then go ahead and download it into their devices.
  • In case the app is not on iTunes, customers should simply log into their accounts via the SBOBET website and access a download link from the homepage.

SBOBET Mobile Website

As mentioned, there is a mobile website available for customers who do not have access to the mobile application. This site could also simply be for the users who do not like to bet via the application platform. This is a nice alternative for such customers which also allows the use of Sbobet bonus.

Since there is no mobile app available for Android device owners yet, this would be their only option when they are betting via their mobile devices. This website is compatible even with Windows phones. The design is great and users still have access to all the promotions and the services that take place at SBOBET, including live chats and in play betting.

To access this site, all a customer has to do is log onto their accounts at the bookmaker, and go ahead to place a bet on the numerous odds that are given at SBOBET. Once again, everything is the same as it is in the desktop version, including the betting market odds.

Are There Any Specific Promotions for Mobile Users at SBOBET?

There are mobile promotions that are run from time to time at the SBOBET mobile site. For more information on this, customers should access the mobile website on a regular basis and get information on the various promotions.

SBOBET App or Mobile Version: Questions and Answers?

Yes, customers at SBOBET, even while using their mobile phones to access their accounts, still have access to all the functionality features available for the desktop version of the site. These features include but are not limited to depositing and withdrawing funds from one's account. This applies to both users; the ones with access to a mobile application, and the ones that bet via the mobile website of SBOBET.

The casino games available on the desktop website are the very same ones available on the mobile platform. Some games might be restricted, but rarely are the most popular games in the casino limited to only the desktop users. For more information on this, customers should visit the SBOBET website and access the inquiry section.

The bookmaker has always tried to stand out from the rest of the competitors by ensuring they give the best experience to their players; in fact, the introduction of the mobile website and application was geared towards ensuring customers had the best experience while at it. This explains the wide array of slots offered by the sportsbook.

An Apk is basically an app that has not yet been installed on a user's device. An Android Application Package, usually abbreviated to Apk, is the file that is downloaded and it gives users the platform to use the mobile application.

The SBOBET Apk, or rather application, allows customers to play for real money. All that they need to do is to ensure that they obtain the application from an appropriate source such as the bookmaker's website.

With this in mind, punters can now make the best choices regarding what suits them most; especially when they would like to decide what is the best option for them: is it the mobile website or the option of installing an application on their mobile device? All depends on what suits them most.

SBOBET was last rated on with 7.5/10


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