How to Create an Skybet Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

As quoted by the majority of Skybet reviews and from our personal experience creating an account on Skybet is quite simple and takes several minutes.

How to Create an Skybet Account. Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Go to SkyBet website: To begin with, you will need to visit one of their websites and click on the ‘Join’ or ‘Register’ link usually found on the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Fill in personal details: The page that loads will give you the option of keying in personal details such as your address, date of birth and your full name. When it comes to filling in your address you have the option of using the ‘Auto Complete Address’ function. If you are living in the Republic of Ireland, use ROI as your postal code. After you have completed the details on this page, click on ‘Continue to Step 2’.
  3. Create a username & password: At this point, you will be required to choose a unique user ID and a PIN. Both of these can contain letters and/or numbers.
  4. Select currency: For security with dealing with future account queries, you will be required to provide answers to two security questions. Finish by selecting your currency and clicking on ‘Continue to Step 3’.
  5. Select payment method: It is the final and compulsory step where you have to enter your payment method. Keep in mind the deposit stated is not mandatory at this point.
  6. Select gambling limits (optional): If you wish, you have the option of selecting various gambling restraints including, limited to, deposit limits.
  7. Read T&C and click the checkbox: There is a checkbox you have to click after you read the site’s Terms and Privacy Policy, before clicking ‘Confirm’ to finish up the account setup process.
  8. Account verification: Your account will only be active after you have undergone a verification check to confirm your address and age.
  9. Ready to bet: If the verification is successful you will then be allowed to enjoy Skybet’s range of products along with the Skybet Welcome bonus using various internet-enabled devices.

Closing or deleting a Skybet account may not be as challenging as some people may think. In fact, the sports betting company strives to ensure you get the very best service possible. However, in case you wish to leave they provide you with an easy account deactivation or deleting process. When you go to ‘My Account’ or ‘My Details’, you will find a delete account or close account option. Any of these can be used to effectively close your account. The process is simple and normally takes a few minutes to complete.

The Most Common Issues When Creating or Deleting an Account at Skybet

Just like any other sports betting platform, Skybet will experience a few technical hitches here and there. Knowing the most common can help you expedite the problem-solving process. 

Payment problems – These are problems that only occur after you have tried to make a withdrawal or deposit request in vain. In case you are sure the error has not been caused by an error in details entered, you should contact their customer care platform through the ‘Contact Us’ links on the Skybet website. The problem will be investigated with their Admin teams and a solution will be offered as soon as possible.

What to Do in Case of Login Problems to Your Skybet Account?

Just like any other online platform, you may come across problems when you want to login to your Skybet account. If this happens, there are some measures you should take. For starters, the company has a self-service option to help you get back in. If you have forgotten your password or user ID, these options can help you recover the same in a quick and efficient manner.

There are some reasons why your account may be locked. Top on the list is entering your PIN incorrectly a number of times. To avoid any unauthorised access, your account will be blocked. To ensure it is unblocked you will be required to follow an online process. Sometimes you may not be able to get the required information using the online process. If this is the case you will need to consider whether you have an old email address or postcode registered on the system. They may be the key to unlocking your account. In case you want your PIN changed you will have to go to ‘My Account’, ‘My Details’ or ‘Edit Account Details’, and then the ‘Edit PIN’ or ‘PIN & Contact Preferences’ buttons/links.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Skybet Account

Use the Withdraw Funds button found under the Banking tab of My Account to withdraw any money you want. Once you click on the button, enter the amount you want to withdraw and then click ‘withdraw’. For an e-wallet, the withdrawal will take approximately 24 hours, but it takes two to five business days for withdrawing to a card.

Sometimes your account may have what is known as ‘Net Deposits’ on a different card on your account. The alternate card may prevent you from making a withdrawal of a certain amount to a certain e-wallet or card. The measure has been put in place to safeguard against fraud, money laundering and so forth. It basically means whatever is spent with an e-wallet or card goes to go back to the same payment method.

There are several reasons why you may receive less than what you had deposited. However, the reason for such a situation is usually explained within your Account’s History area. Some of the main reasons such a situation may occur at Skybet is a reduction in Each Way terms, ‘Perm’ Betting, Non-Runners, Dead Heats or Rule 4s.

Deposits are made using a variety of options. The process starts by clicking on the ‘Deposit’ option found on the top of your screen in ‘My Account’. Make sure you are logged in as this is the only way you can deposit to your account. The minimum deposit amount is five pounds, which on your first deposit gets you the SkyBet welcome bonus, and the majority of deposits are free. Take note that some debit cards may charge a small fee for deposits and this is determined by your debit card provider. Skybet also accepts e-wallets like Neteller, Moneybookers (currently known as Skrill) and PayPal.