Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about Skybet?

Some customers have complained of Skybet being a scam designed to cheat players out of their money. In a number of reviews, you may find complaints from different people talking about suspended accounts and unpaid winnings. These people would have usually played a couple of games, made a few winnings and after a while, just when they have made a huge amount of money, have their accounts under review by the management of Skybet.

There have rumours that Skybet does not bother its customers as long as they are losing their money on the site, but as soon as they win, it all goes wrong. Customers have been given poor odds and rude remarks for winning at the site. There is no way to confirm the truth behind these rumours, but since there are plenty of other customers who have had fantastic experiences at the same site, the only way to confirm these scam accusations is to read an expert review of the bookmaker service before deciding whether or not to join in.


The Available Deposit And Withdraw Methods

Withdrawing funds at Skybet is an experience suited to the individuality of the specific customer. Skybet has an assurance of depositing funds to a client’s account within two to five business days. If they are withdrawing to an e-wallet (like PayPal and other electronic transfer methods), then the funds can be in their accounts within the same day they place their withdrawal request.

Customers can withdraw through their debit cards; a process that usually takes a total of 2 to 5 business working days. The withdrawal options are both online and mobile. Some specific UK and international debit cards, for instance, MasterCards and Visa cards, restrict the online betting service from depositing funds directly into a customer’s debit card. Sky bet usually informs their customers in case anything like this happens.

Customers can withdraw a minimum of £10, but Skybet does not restrict the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn by a customer in a day. Both deposits and withdrawals can be made with the above-mentioned methods; debit cards, e-wallets, or use of other online and mobile money transfer methods.

Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals at Skybet?

There have been customer complaints regarding the amount of time it takes for withdrawals to materialise into actual money. The limit is supposed to be five days, but some customers have waited for more without receiving their payments. There have also been complaints about the limited methods of withdrawal offered at Skybet.

Customer Support - Everything You Need to Know

Live Chat Icon Live Chat
Phone Icon (+44) 1423533123

The customer support at Skybet employs a number of different communication methods. They have email support, live chats, website support and telephone support. They even have the option of fax and physical addressing for the more old fashioned customers.

Customer support at Skybet is fast, reliable and informative. The free phone support service is available from 8 am to midnight every day. They also have a Twitter help service where customers can post their question of complaints. The customers at this bookmaker service rate the support services highly. Apart from one or two bad experiences by some customers, the support team at Skybet is friendly and they offer good and expert information to any customer who calls with a problem.

The live chat is available 24/7 for the customers who like to place their in-play bets late at night. The live chat service offered by Skybet far outperforms any other live chat service on any other online sports betting site. The waiting time is practically non-existent except for some few factors that may affect it such as demand and timing.

The customer support staff replies to the live chats, not by providing a website link for the customer to go figure things out on their own, but by giving detailed information and referring them to the FAQs section for more information. The live chat at Skybet is fast, efficient, and satisfactory.

Betting Coverage and Live Streaming

  • Live Streaming

The online sports betting service provider has television rights to almost all the sports out there. Given this, one would immediately conclude that Skybet has in-play live streaming service for all its customers. This is, unfortunately, not true. There is a live streaming service offered to all the customers of Skybet, but this service is only for the residents of UK and Ireland.

More to this, the live streaming only takes place from horse racing events where customers are required to place a bet of at least £1 so as to watch the races.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting And Does Skybet Support It?

  • SkyBet Supports In Play Betting

In the past, betting used to be a strict affair dominated by bookies; putting players in a somewhat inferior position. Today, sports betting has advanced, but if there is one form of this activity that has advanced more than any other form, it would be in-play betting. This form of sports betting gives players the chance to place their bets on a sporting event even while the event is ongoing. The new kind of sports betting enthusiast is thrilled by this kind of sports betting, and with this in mind, sky bet included in-play betting in their service description. There are many other online sport betting services that are providing this service to their customers, but only a few have been successful. Skybet supports in-play betting, in fact, this kind of betting is rather prominent both on the Skybet website and Skybet mobile app.

First-time customers who log onto the site cannot help but notice the focus on in-play betting right on the home page. The site offers in-play betting on a large number of sporting markets, offering an equally large number of games for customers to bet on.

In-play bets at Skybet are what most sports bettors would want to engage. Customers find that they can make quick and easy bets on Skybet, and if a customer prefers to use their mobile phone or tablet to place the bet, the experience only gets better.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is It To Place A Bet From Your Smartphone?

Android App Available for Android
iOS App Available for iPhone
Windows App Not available for Windows
Mobile Site Available for Mobile

The good news for mobile users on Skybet is that they get access to the exact same service offered by the Skybet website. Customers can signup and login via the mobile application. Simply put, a customer could use the mobile application the entire time they are at Skybet, and they would get the exact same experience as the customer who only uses the Skybet website to place their bets.

Placing bets via one’s mobile device is easy; it might even be easier than using the website because, for mobile applications, one can customise their experience. Using mobile Skybet is enjoyable and an all in all smooth experience.