SportPesa Account FAQ: How to Create an Account, Login Problems & Other Common Issues

SportPesa is a Sportsbook that allows you to bet on more than 30 sports including football, races, and tennis among others. It is easy to use platform requiring players to create a SportPesa account, deposit money, and start playing. The sportsbook covers leagues from more than 35 countries all over the world. Players can create a SportPesa account with ease by just providing your personal information. After signing up, players can bet on top level domestic and international competitions. Besides the competitions, players get a chance to bet on football tournaments. Users can delete a SportPesa account anytime they need as the process is simple. With an account, players get to access bonuses offered by the sportsbook.

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How To Create A SportPesa Account. A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a SportPesa account requires players to provide personal details and login details. After visiting, click ‘Register Now’ on the right-hand top corner of the site just above the login box. This will open the registration page. On this page, players will be required to give personal details as follows:

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Nationality
  • Post Code
  • Mobile number

The above information is entered on the left-hand side of the registration page. On the right-hand side of the registration page, players are required to enter login information. These details include:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Choose a security question
  • Answer the security question
  • Betting currency

Users can choose between five security questions including first pet, the colour of their first car, first street name, mother’s maiden name, and the name of a sister in law. These questions come in handy when a user forgets their password and they need to access their accounts. Users can also choose between three different currencies for convenience.

Below the login details box, users are prompted to check or uncheck a box to receive information on bonuses and offers. By default, this box is checked, which means users will receive straight to their emails. Uncheck the box to cut off the news.

At the bottom of the registration page is a declaration section. Here, users need to check a box to confirm they are 18 years and above. On this declaration section, there is ‘terms and conditions’ link. After entering all the details, users should hit the ‘Submit’ button to finalize the process. Hitting the submit button means that users have read and accepted the terms and conditions of SportPesa.

After creating an account, an email will be sent to the address provided, welcoming users to SportPesa and offering them more information on how to get started. The email will also carry the username and other useful information. A new account becomes active immediately and users can start playing free games from the site as well as accessing SportPesa bonus code.

To start real betting, however, users have to deposit money to get their account active for real money sports betting. On the right-hand side of the homepage, users can access their wallet from where they deposit money. The site accepts Visa and MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller. The account becomes active for real money betting after the deposit. Even after the deposit, users can still delete their account and withdraw their money.

It is challenging to completely delete a SportPesa account. If a player does not wish to continue playing, they need to visit the account page from the ‘Account’ button at the top right corner. With this page, users can withdraw their earnings. Those receiving news and bonus information can stop them by visiting my account >> My details, and unchecking the box at the bottom of the page.

Accounts that have not been accessed for more than a year will be deemed inactive. Administrative fees will be charged for such an account until there is no balance in the account. An inactive account with no balance is closed.

What to Do In Case of Login Problems with your SportPesa Account?

Login problems are normally caused by incorrect login details – either the username or the password. Users need to double check the username and password to ensure they have entered the correct information. In case one has forgotten the password, they can click ‘forgot password’ button below the login section at the top right corner. A user needs to remember the email they used during registration. After entering the email, they will have a link sent to the email from where they can set a new password for the account.

Users who cannot access their accounts even after entering the correct information and changing their password, they should ask for help from the technical support team. There is a help button on the top right corner of the menu line. This Help button directs you to the technical support page of the site. Here, users can explain the login problem they are having.

Besides the help page, the site offers live chat where users can access help within a short time. There is a message icon on the bottom right corner of the site. Messages are answered instantly, but emails may take up to 24 hours. The technical support team will help with the login problems within a few minutes.

The Most Common Issues When Creating or Deleting an Account at SportPesa

When creating an account, there are sections marked with an asterisk, these are details that the user must provide to create the account. When any of the details are not provided, the account will not be created. Failure to check the declaration button will also mean the account is not created. The password needs to be at least six characters, a shorter password will be rejected. The first password and the confirmation password need to be the same for account to be created.

SportPesa does not offer a button to deactivate or delete an account. This means that users might look for the button the whole site. This is a challenge for those who need to stop their account instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding A SportPesa Account

Players will sign up from the registration page access from the home page. Click ‘Register’ on top right to register.

SportPesa allows access to its site from mobile devices, either through the SportPesa mobile app or through the mobile browser. It is accessible on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, and tablets. Players can also register from a computer.

After entering all required details and hitting the ‘submit’ button, the account takes a few seconds to create. Users can start accessing the account immediately.

The account is active even with no deposit. Players can access the free games from the site, but they cannot access real money sports betting. A high number of Sportpesa features are accessible without deposit including Sportpesa rating, casino and free sports bets.

If a player forgets their username, they can reach out to technical support either through live chat, email, or phone call and they will be given access to their account. If a player forgets their account password, they need to click ‘forgot password’ just below the login section on the home page. This will direct them to create a new password.

To deposit money after creating an account, users can click ‘deposit’ button just below the account name on the top right corner. There is a deposit page on the menu. Click Banking >> Deposit. On this page, choose the payment method – Skrill, NETELLER, Visa or MasterCard – enter the deposit mount and your credit card or wallet details. Account deposits take a few minutes and the available balance can be seen on the homepage on the top right.

SportPesa keeps records of transactions and betting history. Users can access history by visiting Account >> Payment >> Transaction history. Here, users can see transactions from the first one to the last one.

To make real money bets, users need to create an account by providing their personal and login information and depositing the minimum amount needed, the minimum deposit may change with time. After depositing money, users can start betting immediately.

New accounts have access to bonuses and promotions from the sportsbook. Users can redeem or claim their bonuses or promotions as the sportsbook requires.

Accounts that have not been accessed for a year will be inactivated. Users can request to have their accounts activated. Inactive accounts with no money to pay administrative fees are closed.

SportPesa was last rated on with 7.5/10


All Offers Below Are for new customers only!
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