SportPesa Review – Learn About SportPesa Live Chat, Complaints, Withdrawal Problems, In Play Betting and More

SportPesa requires no introduction to sports betting fans across the globe. It is a sports betting platform with operations in several countries; these countries include United Kingdom, Italy, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa. The SportPesa headquarter is located in Kenya. Apart from just being a sports betting platform, there is also the SportPesa Sportsbook review. It helps the sports player by sharing recommendations and ratings on every match in the betting pool. A group of sports experts bases the ratings and reviews on SportPesa Sportsbook review on the performance of teams over a period. Giving back to the community is also a way of life for them. SportPesa sponsors football tournaments in Kenya, Tanzania, and international teams as well.

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Pros and Cons of SportPesa

There are various pros and cons that one can find about SportPesa. Usually, those are based on players experience and comparison to other sportsbooks. Thanks to the SportPesa Sportsbook review, a group of sports experts go through player's recommendations and ratings of the bookmaker and then improve the areas where they deem necessary.  Below is a list of the most common pros and cons of SportPesa:


  1. Great Variety of Sports and Betting Markets
  2. Low Minimum Deposit Limit
  3. Impressive Customer Support
  4. Flexible Gaming Options


  1. Limited Number of Payment Methods
  • SportPesa has the easiest, negotiable, and usable online interface.
  • It is financially consolidated and quite stable.
  • SportPesa customer service provides rapid responses to queries raised on their social media accounts
  • It provides access to betting for other sports apart from just football - tennis, horseracing, basketball among others.
  • Upon successful betting, sports bettors receive a confirmatory SMS. It allows the customer to know the results of the bets placed without having to visit their website.
  • They have the best betting odds compared to other sports betting platforms
  • SportPesa has a weekly jackpot for football bets you place.
  • Their website takes its time to load, and if the internet connection is slow it will not load at all.
  • Withdrawal options are limited to Skrill and Neteller, which are the only useful e-wallet accounts for their clients.
  • The funding providers for SportPesa should contain a more extensive list.

Are There Any Scam Or Fraud Complaints About SportPesa?

Unlike other sports betting platforms, SportPesa has never had any complaints about fraud with their betting services. Ever since its inception in 1999, SportPesa ensures to always run their services transparently with their clients. They have strict terms and conditions that allow them to ensure efficiency and transparency in all their dealings. Swindling claims have never been a concerning issue for any of their clients since they value customer confidentiality.

The Available Deposit And Withdraw Methods At SportPesa

There are several options available for depositing and withdrawing from your SportPesa account. Though they may be limited, security is an absolute guarantee. Sports bettors can use the primary e-Wallet providers in the world. They are Neteller and Skrill. With the Neteller and Skrill option, sports bettors from the world can easily transfer their funds from their bank accounts to pay into your e-wallet. The assigned amount, a customer uses to pay for their online product and services. The minimum deposit while using Skrill or Neteller is £20.

Besides, they also accept the main credit cards and debit cards. The minimum amount of deposits while using a credit or debit card is £5. To protect your financial details, SportPesa never stores debit or credit card CVV numbers. It allows customers to always type in their CVV number every time they log into their website. The minimum acceptable withdrawal amount is £5, while the maximum amount a customer can withdraw is £5000. However, before withdrawal, a customer must first submit documents like a proof of address, the credit card details in case the customer is using a credit or debit card, and an ID.

Deposits and withdrawals that occur from your SportPesa account are instant and have no delays. SportPesa also has a link dedicated to all withdrawals and deposits, which gives a thorough list of maximum and minimum figures.


Are There Any Problems Regarding Withdrawals At SportPesa?

Problems regarding withdrawals at SportPesa are rare to come across. They handle all withdrawal requests as fast as they possibly can. When a client requires the withdrawal option from their SportPesa account, they immediately begin processing the request to avoid any delays whatsoever.

SportPesa Customer Support - Everything You Need To Know

SportPesa website has a help page that offers sports bettors answers to all asked questions concerning the betting platform. On the help page, any sports bettor can acquire helpful information that allows them to navigate the platform with ease.

On the other hand, a customer is free to contact their customer support team for information. One can do this through email, live chat or fill in the online form provided by them. No matter the complaint, SportPesa customer is always available to handle it.

The Live Chat is an all-inclusive service and provides responses that are efficient and quick. For those bettors who have no idea what the Live Chat is about, here is a brief description. The SportPesa Live Chat is a chat platform that appears on every page opened that links to SportPesa.

It has a live chat button at the bottom of the right corner. The Live Chat is manned 24/7 by an excellent customer service team that answers the arising issues within the shortest span of time possible.

However, if you as a customer require a more personal approach, there is the SportPesa customer email support and their telephone contact numbers.

Betting Coverage And Live Streaming At SportPesa

Under the betting coverage, SportPesa is known to offer the best football and Horse Racing odds in comparison to other sports betting platforms. They are also among the most significant betting platforms for Baseball, Tennis, Chess, Boxing, and other mainstream games.

Their betting coverage also allows a customer to bet on the new existing world of eSports. SportPesa has a wide range of betting options including Outright and Futures bet.

SportPesa also provides Live streaming for its customers. A list of the available live games and events is displayed on the website. There are constant updates during the games and a customer can be sure to be up to date with the latest events. Live streaming allows Sports Bettors to prevent any losses that may occur on the bet they placed.

In Play Betting - What Is In Play Betting And Does SportPesa Support It?

In-Play betting also called live betting is where betting takes place while the event is ongoing or has already begun. Examples of sports that have in-Play betting: cricket, football, and racehorses. In-Play betting allows a player, to access the game before placing their bet. It also allows them to change positions and if they get the change right, they win the outcomes or lose nothing at all. SportPesa also has their Live betting platform.

It may take a while for a first-timer to understand their In-play betting but once a client knows how to, they get to enjoy the very best in-play any sports betting company can supply. As the sport is still playing, a sports bettor gets to decide their winning streak and minimise losses that may arise if they had placed a losing bet.

Mobile Betting - How Easy Is It To Place A Bet From Your Smartphone?

Technology advancement over the years has helped SportPesa take their services across a broad platform. With an android phone, tablet, or any other smartphone device, a customer can place their bets and take advantage of SportPesa Promotions while on the go. Their services lie a finger click away and this gives their clients an easy way to access their services. The three mobile betting platforms give customers a more in-depth look at how easy it is to place a bet. Nevertheless, there are no betting apps listed for Microsoft and iOS users as of yet.

The SportPesa Android App is simple and easy to use. It provides customers with almost the same functionality as the desktop website. The only requirement is to download the SportPesa Android App, activate it and you are good to go. Customers then just have to log in and can access the betting site with ease.

It is a mobile version of the SportPesa desktop version. Like the desktop website, their mobile site is simple and has a user-friendly interface. SportPesa has been able to maintain its mobile website on their PC website. It has the same architecture, handiness in manoeuvring and same aesthetics. The website being internet enabled, ensures accessing their site does not take up a lot of internet connectivity traffic.

For customers without smartphones, SportPesa provides the SMS betting option. It offers the opportunities for betting, depositing, and withdrawing. Even clients with smartphones may find their internet connectivity poor and slow at times, the SMS mobile betting will help in such cases.


SportPesa has a substantial market presence. They aim to improve their image further by dealing with other famous clubs in the UK. By SportPesa offering a variety of bets one can bet from, they have established themselves an international betting platform. With the numerous features mentioned earlier, SportPesa is slowly proving to the world that they are here to stay.

SportPesa was last rated on with 7.5/10


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