Unibet Account FAQ: How to Create an Account, Login Problems & Other Common Issues

If you are considering a Unibet account, wait no longer, as it is an amazing site to get in on the action and excitement of sports betting. There are literally hundreds of daily events hosted on Unibet, including all of your favourite games and teams. The website is streamlined and sleek, which makes it easy to place and monitor bets. This article has been written as a guide on how to Unibet create account and Unibet delete account. Registration is simple and fast, and there are tons of promotions that you can take advantage of as well.

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Super Simple Step-by-Step Guide To Creating An Unibet Account

The following are 5 simple steps for setting up a new Unibet Account:

Step. 1 - Access the Unibet website online through your mobile or desktop device.

Step. 2 - Click on the 'Register' button, which is located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Step. 3 - The link will take you to a new page where you will be able to select your language of preference.

Step. 4 - Scroll down and fill in your personal details in the online form.

Step. 5 - Registration complete. You can now make deposits - becoming eligible for the Unibet welcome bonus - and withdrawals to your account, or start to check out the website.

It is not difficult to delete your Unibet Account. Simply contact the Unibet customer service through any of the available contact methods. If you want to use the self-exclusion mode, this can be done under the settings under the 'My Account' tab.

What To Do In Case Of Login Problems With Your Unibet Account?

Although not a frequent problem, login problems with your Unibet account can occasionally occur. This can sometimes be the result of a lost or forgotten password, incorrect username, or a blocked account. If you experience an issue like this you can consult the troubleshooting page under the login problems tab. If this fails to resolve your issue, you can also contact Unibet directly by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab in the upper right-hand corner of the troubleshooting page. You will be directed to a page where you can find contact info such as email and phone number. There is also an option for live chat, which is available 24/7. An option is always to check out a Unibet review which may identify your issue.

The Most Common Issues When Creating Or Deleting An Account At Unibet

There are a few common issues that can happen when creating or deleting an Unibet account. The following is a quick list of some potential snags along the way to your new Unibet account:

  • Email Address Already In Use? -If you get a message saying that your email address is already in use when you are attempting to register an account, it is likely that you already have an account with Unibet. Contact the customer service for assistance.
  • Age Restrictions - You must be at least 18 years of age to register on Unibet in most countries. If you are having issues, you may be getting restricted due to your age.
  • Incorrect Details - Sometimes people make mistakes. If you have entered the incorrect details on your personal info or deposit information, you should contact the Unibet customer service as early as possible.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Unibet Accounts

You can change your password by logging into Unibet and accessing the 'My Account' tab and editing your details.

In order to maintain security on Unibet, you can only make deposits to your account.

No, all cards used on your account must be registered under your name.

Your username is your unique identifier for your Unibet account, and as a result, it cannot be changed.

Unibet only allows users to have one account, so you are unable to register more than one account.

If you have been asked to verify your account, you need to follow the instructions listed under the 'Verify Your Account' help page.

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All Offers Below Are for new customers only!
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